Vacation with Friends

3 Best Vacation Suggestions to Have With Friends

Upon entering the adult world, we’re introduced to a slew of changes — all of which takes time getting used to. One of the most overwhelming is the lack of time for even the simplest things, like bonding with friends. 

That is why we need to seize opportunities to meet up with them. While infrequent, we do earn leaves. Some of which we can use to go on planned or impromptu vacations. 

Note that similar to vacations with other people, things can potentially go awry while planning and during the trip with our friends. An excellent means to mitigate problems and drama is by considering these four tips that can help you and your friends have the best time together.

Be Fair

The best vacation is one where everyone’s happy with the destination, itinerary, and budget. To achieve such a feat, the group should take the time to discuss everything in detail and hear every participant’s input. Casting a vote also works if there are numerous options brought to the table.

Throughout the discussion, these three key details should be brought up.


Each of us has our own choices and tastes. This difference also manifests in what we want out of a vacation. Some may favor physical activities, like hiking and camping in West Texas. Meanwhile, some people elect to do something slower in pace, like going to souvenirs shops, among other things, in Phoenix.

Be that as it may, we need to take into consideration and accommodate everyone’s wants. In such instances where the group is divided, we should make compromises. Agree on one location before creating an itinerary where the group can experience a few activities together and somewhere people can break off to pursue what they want.


Money plays a critical role in any vacation. Before solidifying any plans, the budget should be discussed first. That is so that everyone can provide their input regarding what they can afford and can’t afford. Knowing this also allows the group to make adjustments on the itinerary, accommodations, or the destination.

Another thing the group can do is to start a fund for the trip itself. Everyone can contribute as much as they can without having to sacrifice the money that goes into non-negotiable aspects of their life, like bills and groceries. 

Plan Ahead (With Backup)

Spontaneity may be exhilarating, but nothing trumps a well-thought-out plan. The group can either choose the dates first or create a skeletal plan before deciding upon a proper schedule. Regardless of the option the group chooses, it’s essential to plan everything down to the minor detail. It includes transportation, accommodation, destination, and meals alongside the itinerary.

Another thing to keep in mind: expect the unexpected. Certain things can go wrong even when we’re meticulous in planning. A car can breakdown during a road trip, or someone may lose their wallet. Try to think of possible bad scenarios and consider backup plans to take on the off-chance that they occur.

Have Fun

A good vacation, in its most basic sense, is one where everyone has fun. We have to try to momentarily forget our responsibilities so that we can focus on what the trip is for: unwinding and catching up with our dear friends.

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