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8 Amazing Medical Innovations This 2019

Doctors that perform stem cell therapy in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and other locations use revolutionary medical solutions to help patients obtain a faster recovery. The advances in technology today have changed the lives of many people — from patients in hospitals to health experts in medical facilities. Get to know the top 8 amazing medical innovations available this year to protect your health.

1. Pharmacogenomic Testing

Each patient has a distinct drug metabolism. Now, there’s a better way to assess how patients respond to therapies. For instance, pharmacogenomics testing enables medical professionals to check the patient before opioid treatment to inhibit opioid abuse. Moreover, pharmaceutical investors in the United States and Europe continue to improve the guidelines and examine the clinical utilization of pharmacogenomics and revolutionize it for human safety.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more popular than ever in most industries, particularly in the medical field. It has the ability to reason, ascertain the meaning, simplify the process, and acquire knowledge from previous experiences. AI is being run by a computer or computer-managed robot to do tasks like what intelligent human beings can perform.

3. Stroke Visor

A stroke happens when there is obstruction of blood flow in an area of the human brain. The deprivation of oxygen supply to brain cells leads to damages, resulting in the death of these cells.

Now, there is a visor-like device that transmits low-energy radio waves through the human brain to detect the severity of the stroke of a patient. Stroke visor works better in determining large-vessel occlusion than the traditional physical examination. Because the device works great, medical experts make accurate decisions where the patients should be taken.

4. Treatment of Acute Stroke

Medical facilities today have sophisticated tools and pieces of equipment to manage patients with acute stroke. Typically, imaging and laboratory findings are being done within 60 minutes once the patient has been admitted. Moreover, extended window mechanical thrombectomy for patients with large vessel occlusion can now be treated in 16 to 24 hours to let the patient survive from his condition.

5. Immunotherapy

From time to time, experts have been discovering amazing technologies that speed up the process of making the patient recover. Recently, it has been noted that immune checkpoint inhibitors have been aiding patients with solid-tumor types, particularly those with melanoma and non-small cell lung cancer. As of now, experts are conducting extensive studies to make immunotherapy suitable to treat more types of cancers.

6. 3D Printing

In creating health products tailored to specific patients, modern health facilities provide improved implants, prosthetics, and airway stents with the aid of 3D printing. It’s a state-of-the-art technology that is very beneficial for surgical planning, particularly in heart surgery and face improvement.

7. Robotic Surgery

Medical investors have been aiming to establish a compelling approach in the surgical field, which is less invasive. The science fiction that you might have seen from past movies about robots doing surgical procedures is no longer a fiction today. Some medical facilities today are utilizing robots to conduct surgical operations. The outcomes are faster processes and improved clinical results.

8. Heart Valve Replacement

Another eccentric innovation in the medical field is the ability of surgeons to replace mitral, aortic, and tricuspid valves in the human heart using a catheter. In most cases, alternative medical procedures are much safer and improve surgery results, rather than open-heart operations.

Knowing the top medical breakthroughs mentioned above completes your sense of mental and emotional calmness. When you experience discomfort in your body, it’s always ideal to consult medical professionals.

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