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Adrenaline Junkies: How You Can Focus on Your Safety

Extreme sports can give you one of the most fulfilling experiences ever. The wind brushes on your cheeks as you freefall from a helicopter, and you have that tingling sensation as you tunnel through the gnarliest wave that ever existed. You can hear the sound of your dirt bike flying through the air as you conquer the highest ramp you’ve ever seen. Or you can even experience these adrenaline-inducing moments that can make you feel alive. But even though the probability is low, they can also endanger your life.

Statistics show that the occurrences of hospitals’ emergency rooms getting filled due to unintentional injuries have reached 97.9 million in 2018 alone. Although most of them are caused by common vehicular accidents, it wouldn’t hurt you to take extra precautions when satisfying your cravings for an adrenaline rush.

Whether you’re sloping down a snowy mountain or diving onto the azure depths from a 100 ft cliff, these six safety tips for adrenaline junkies will surely help minimize the dangers to both your body and mind.

Do your research

Gathering information is always half the fight. Do your homework and know every detail necessary for your safety. Find out all the safety protocols required in the area. Check all the common causes of accidents connected to the activity. Look for emergency options. Knowing where the nearest hospitals are and the hotline for the local police stations will always come in handy. Getting yourself familiar with basic first aid remedies and self-administered emergency tactics are skills that can prove to be life-saving.

Gear up

Getting yourself geared up is detrimental to your well-being. A Giro ski helmet can save your head from multiple concussions, while knee and elbow pads can help avoid the excruciating pain of banged-up bones. A life vest can also help prevent accidental drowning.

Getting sore is something you can not avoid. However, you can escape bruises and other bodily harm by simply wearing the right apparel for the activity.

Always run with the pack

Going alone can lead to many dangers. Strong currents can pull you in anytime. Getting stuck in the middle of the ocean on your own is not as fancy as Tom Hanks made it look in the movie Cast Away. Your parachuting skills might be on point, but the gusts of wind can be unpredictable, and landing in a foreign area on your own can bring horrors you’ve never even dreamt of. In case of emergencies, having people around you can be what saves your life.

It’s also important to note that having at least one activity-related expert and one buddy who knows first aid responses can be crucial to keeping everyone safe. The bottom line is two heads are always better than one, and a group of five or more is five times better.

Keep your body in shape

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Extreme sports and other adrenaline-inducing activities require at least a healthy amount of mobility and fitness most of the time. Keeping your body in shape is an excellent way to not only keep yourself safe but also elevate your experience.

In most cases, endurance and strength are vital keys to ensure your safety. Getting yourself physically trained several weeks before any extreme activity can give you a boost. You can work on generally toning your body. However, focusing on specific mobility and strengthening goals required for the said activities can even be better.

Reinforce your body with the proper diet

Bulking up and stretching would be nothing if the foundation of your body is not as formidable. You can’t expect to swim with the sharks if all you’ve eaten for the past months are bags of Cheetos. Free-climbing a mountain is not going to be pleasurable if you drain six-packs every night.

Finding the right dietary supplements that can improve your resistance and endurance is the key to having a worthy experience for adrenaline junkies. Get the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Visiting a nutritionist or a dietitian can also make it easier to get a more efficient nutritional diet. So, don’t forget to visit the professionals.

Don’t forget about your mental health

Always remember that mental stability during emergencies is detrimental to your survival. Practice meditating and add mental fortification to your arsenal. It’s also crucial to understand that, as the name suggests, being an adrenaline junkie is not entirely healthy.

Since adrenaline can make you feel better, it can be quite addicting. Look out for changes in your behavior, especially when it comes to aggression. All is fun and games until you find yourself unable to cope with the longing to get your next adrenaline fix.

Like with every other thing that makes you feel good, not letting the joy cloud your judgment and making sure that you’re safe should never slip your mind. Remember, the only way you can experience more is by living through another day.

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