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Brighten Up the Year with These Art Project Ideas

Art is often ignored when students get older. However, creativity is still very important. As students grow older, though, it’s less about creativity and more about developing the skills and knowledge to let that creativity shine. This means you will want a variety of art projects that will spark children’s creativity while also teaching them some important skills.

Here are some art project ideas that you might find interesting to try in your class:

Textured Teapots

teapot and teaThis may sound complicated, but it is actually pretty simple and can get your students excited about making their own teapot. You are going to need the help of someone else for this, though. A local kiln or a craft shop that specializes in pottery can be a big help. However, the lion’s share of the work will still be with your students.

It can also cost a bit. You’ll be buying clay for your kids to mold and for firing time for the teapot. Still, the procedure is very basic. Just teach them about the basics of molding and shaping the clay. You will also need to teach them about molding and designing the outside of the teapot. All of this can be done in the afternoon, with the finished teapots ready for firing directly after.

Foam Shape Books

Let’s scale back a bit for the next project. This one is cheaper and only require a lot of foam, foam adhesive, some scissors, and creativity. The main idea is to create simple books based around a theme. This could be letters, shapes, or animals. Encourage your students to find their own theme for their books.

For the books, cutting out the foam shapes and sticking them on to each page should be simple. Teach your students to draw on the foam first to plan the cuts and the positioning of the result. The pages should be the largest pieces. When they are done, holes should be punched in the side so that it can all be tied together with yarn.

Paint Like Van Gogh

Have your kids learn a bit about art history by teaching them to paint like Van Gogh. This is more like a painting class for your kids, so it should be easy. Ask them to focus on one tree and then teach them how Van Gogh did his art: short sharp strokes and layered paint. Your students might not get it at first, but they’ll be able to get the rhythm of it easily enough.

Art Maps

Combine other subjects with your art lessons in this particular project. Have your students buy maps of the local area, and then work with them on what they think are good local spots on the map and start decorating it. It can be something as simple as additional colors or putting souvenirs of each location. In the end, have each map set up on the wall to see how well your students did.

These art projects can be just the beginning. They can be an inspiration for other possible projects you can do for your class. Talk to your students and see what you can come up based on these projects.

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