Devices to Help You Move Better if You Have Knee Arthritis

There’s no denying the fact that something like knee arthritis can impact your life quite negatively as it restricts your range of motion. That said, there are various solutions that you can use to make it easier for you to live a life that’s as close to normal as possible. One of these is installing lift chairs in your home if it has multiple levels, which will make it easier for you to get around. Many people with knee pain and ankle pain have found ways to help them manage their issues and live a life that’s almost as good as normal.

Sore knee and ankle joints can be handled quite effectively if you enlist the help of a qualified professional. Simply look for a professional who you can talk to if you experience ankle and knee pain when walking so that you can get started on finding a solution. Whether you have tissue damage in your knee or there are other issues that you’re dealing with, there’s a solution for you in the offices of the right doctor. With this in mind, you can search online or ask the people in your life whether any of them know a good doctor to whom they can refer you.

If you’re suffering from knee arthritis, you’re probably cautious of physical activity to avoid triggering your already painful joints. This is where assistive devices and mobility aids come in. Aside from helping ease knee pain and stiffness, they could also improve mobility and keep you independent for as long as possible.

Below are some of these devices and aids that can help you get around easily, with less pain, and conduct your daily tasks more efficiently.


Lifting devices for the elderly can help you get up from your bed or chair with ease. These come in different forms, including lifting cushions, ceiling or overhead lifters, as well as basic lift chairs. The specific type you choose should be based on your specific needs.


Splints can help you place your knee properly when sleeping or moving around, as well as keep your knee from being put in an awkward position.


Using a cane unburdens your knee off unnecessary weight and in turn, alleviate your pain. Canes come in various configurations. You just need to select one that’s fit for your specific needs.


According to the Arthritis Foundation, braces, or even a simple neoprene knee sleeve, could help keep your joints in check, reduce inflammation and offer support and warmth.


When you use crutches, you will be mainly using your arms to propel yourself forward and help manage your weight when you move around. This effectively reduces the strain that your knee was supposed to bear. However, you have to be agile so that you can use them effectively without falling over or injuring yourself.


Reachers have long handles that you could use for literally grabbing things. These help you grab things off the ground and other low surfaces. Aside from limiting the amount of extending and bending when reaching for something, they could also prevent you from toppling over and losing your balance.


Elderly woman with walkers

While walkers can admittedly be cumbersome and awkward, these assistive devices ease a lot of the weight that’s weighing your knee down and making it feel more painful. In addition, some walkers are equipped with a built-in platform or seat that you can use for resting after moving around or standing for a significantly long time.

Grab Bars

Lots of individuals with knee osteoarthritis find it extra difficult to transfer their weight from the knees when getting up from the toilet or bed for instance. Grab bars offer something you could hold onto so you won’t have to force your knees to cooperate as much.

If you believe that you might benefit from using an assistive device or mobility aid, consult your doctor or physical therapist to figure out which one would fit your circumstances most. If you’re still struggling even with help of an assistive device, then you should inform your doctor to see if you need to tweak your osteoarthritis treatment and management plan. It’s imperative that you reduce the stress and pain on your knees so that you can continue to remain active and independent.

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