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Elevate Your Skincare Regimen

Having a good skincare regimen can keep your skin radiant and young. However, if you live in Salt Lake City or any part of Utah, your skincare regimen needs to be elevated.

Moisturize in the Arid Air

Utah is one of the driest states in the nation when it comes to humidity, and the arid environment is bad for your skin. The dry air not only causes your skin to crack and your lips to chap; it can also aggravate existing skin problems like acne or eczema. Avoid dry skin by drinking lots of water and letting up on alcohol and coffee; these drinks are diuretics and will sap the water from your body. Use a mild facial wash as strong ones can strip your face of its natural oils. Use moisturizers before you sleep so you won’t wake up with dry skin. Once you see cracks on your skin, it might be time to do a little light exfoliation. Finally, get a humidifier and get away from the dry air.

Shield Yourself from Harmful UV

Sunlight — particularly its harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays — is the primary culprits in your skin’s aging. It can account for as much as 80 percent of the visible signs of skin aging, which includes wrinkling, dry appearance, scalping, and discoloration. Chronic sun exposure can also lead to more severe conditions like melanomas and skin cancer. Utah residents are particularly vulnerable as the state’s elevation exposes it to higher concentrations of UV. Avoid UV exposure by staying in the shade, wearing wide-brimmed hats, using an umbrella, and putting generous amounts of sunblock whenever you go out. Take note of your sun exposure; even a few minutes a day of sunlight can accumulate enough damage to cause harm to your skin and raise your risk of developing skin cancer. If you drive regularly, it might be prudent to have your car windows treated with UV filtering film. Visit your dermatologist regularly and try to note any changes in your skin condition.

Guard Against Pollution

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Utah’s pollution and particulate problems are very damaging to your skin. Pollution can be very detrimental to your skin, and particulates can penetrate even deeper into your skin. Small particulates can get into your pores, causing acne-like breakouts, and you’ll need a proper facial scrub to get them out. Inhaled smoke, especially cigarette smoke, can damage your skin’s collagen and elastin. As your skin loses elasticity, it will eventually cause sagging on your face, breasts, and arms. Smoking is associated with many other skin problems, which include psoriasis, acne inversa, and an orange or grey-like skin tone. While pollution is unavoidable in Utah, you can make your skin more resilient by eating a balanced diet rich with antioxidants. Curb your smoking or quit entirely and schedule your showers/baths after you come home from work or school.

Protecting your skin today will keep it looking younger in the future. Guard against aridity, UV, and pollution and routinely follow your elevated skincare regimen.

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