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Dog Training: What Are the Essentials?

We all want to have well-behaved dogs that listen to our every command. However, it’s a long road ahead to get there. If you want to know how to train your dog, you need to know these essentials. Moreover, make sure you teach your dogs the basic tricks so that they can be well-behaved in the future.

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FDA-Approved Dog Treats

An essential thing you’ll ever need to train your dog is treats. They are found in almost every pet store in the country. However, you should always look whether it’s FDA-approved. Moreover, you should be careful when choosing dog treats for your dog as some pose a health hazard.

Choosing the right dog treat can be tricky as some treats aren’t FDA-approved. Some might use artificial flavoring that isn’t healthy for your dog. So ensure that you keep an eye out for an FDA-approved marker on your dog treat. Also, you should ask your vet regarding food allergies. Some dogs can develop this, which can be very uncomfortable for your dog, especially if you’re training them. Furthermore, don’t use dog treats that are hard and hard to consume, as they might hurt your dog in the process.

The right dog treat can make a world of difference when training your dog. Most dogs can accept the main reward, so make sure you have dog treats on the ready.


Clickers are utilized for advanced tricks as some dog breeds are sensitive to certain sounds that a clicker can produce. You can purchase clickers in pet stores, but clicker apps can also mimic specific sounds that can attract certain dog breeds. This is helpful if you have multiple dogs in your household. You can train them to listen to each clicker when teaching them.


Collars are essential because you’ll sometimes have to teach your dog in-position tricks. A high-quality collar can make a difference in these tricks. Additionally, it’s vital for leash tricks such as the heel. Don’t purchase metal collars. They might look good, but they can hurt your pet. The best choice is harnessing, as they don’t end up choking your dog.

You should never opt to use shock collars for your dog. Punishment and negative reinforcements aren’t good when training your dog. They also have the possibility of training your dog aggression. It can also severely hurt your dog. Avoid shock collars at all costs.

Training Books

Training books are essential for in-depth and complicated tricks. If you want to teach your dog multiple tricks at once, then you’re going to need a training book. However, if you only want to teach them basic tricks, you’re better off just using a guide on the internet.

Training books become an asset when you’re training multiple dogs or if you want to train dogs as a side-hustle. They can teach you tricks of the trade that other people don’t know.

Other Products

Aside from these things, some optional products might help train your dog:

  • Target stick
  • Treat bag
  • Training belt
  • Squeaky toy

Essential Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Now that you have the essentials in training your dog, it’s time to teach them some basic tricks that will make your life as an owner much easier. Of course, the very first thing you should teach them is to sit and stay.

Sit and Stay

Sit and stay is one of the most common basic commands for a well-behaved dog. Since most dogs know how to sit, it’s all about waiting for them to do it. Once they do, hand them a treat and reward them. Do it a couple of times, and they should learn how to sit.

Stay is a much harder command, and you should only do it once your dog can sit. Tell them to sit and then stay as you slowly back away from them. Give them a treat once you’re a couple of meters away. It will also teach them to come to you in the future.

Enter Vehicle

This is essential if you’re planning to transport your dog or if you’re planning to visit the vet. It’s as simple as opening your vehicle door and waiting for your dog to go in. Once they do, reward them. However, if it’s tricky for you, there are some affordable dog transport services that can help you out. They can help you transport your dog and maybe even teach this trick along the way.


Lastly, we have heels. A dog that can heel can behave while you’re taking a walk with them. It’s also simple to teach. Whenever they’re at your side, say the word ‘heel,’ and you give them a treat. This helps you avoid tripping on them whenever you’re walking.

Training your dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences as a pet owner. So try it out by having these essentials.

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