European Tourism Hotspots for the New Normal

As the travel restrictions are lowered and more people gain confidence in once again going out of their homes, there is a strong demand for new places to visit for the most avid travelers and tourists. Before booking the flights, make sure to take the necessary preparations such as checking out the travel advisories, buying sanitizers and face masks, and knowing which countries are already safe to visit after the pandemic. To give you some new ideas, read about these travel destinations that are so interesting yet far from the madding crowd:

One of the most memorable things to do in life is to experience a world that is fast fading, agricultural life. Take a trip to Italy, Spain, or France to experience an authentic farm life complete with actual, hands-on experience in planting crops, feeding livestock, and perhaps even try milking a cow in the hay barn. The farmers might even teach you skills on how to install replacement Taege drill parts for a tractor used to harvest grain.

Fall in Love with French Farms

In France, fall in love with agri-tourism farms in Burgundy, Britanny, and Provence. The farms usually grow barley, oats, corn, sorghum, and wheat. Be amazed by the stone-walled farms with orange-tiled roofs that have adorned the landscape for decades. For accommodations, some farms offer their own bed and breakfast inns to stay at, or you can book at any boutique hotels in town.

After getting the farm experience, you may want a taste of town life by strolling through the cobblestone streets to buy freshly baked bread and pastries from a local baker. Head to the nearby French cafe for that noisette coffee or a shot of espresso. In the afternoon, try to visit a nearby field of lavender and lavish in the smells and sights of the countryside. ; Best of all, foreigners are allowed to buy farmland in France just in case you are really smitten with rural life and are considering moving to Europe.

The Fields of Tuscany and Renaissance Art of Florence

church in florence italyIn Italy, nothing can be more spectacular than seeing the trees and open fields of Tuscany. Across this ancient area of Italy, there are also many farms that travelers can visit and stay in. After delighting in Tuscan farm life, motor to the region’s capital of Florence for art and architecture. That city is home to Michelangelo’s sculpture of the biblical character David and a number of Boticelli’s masterpieces. Florence is, indeed, the place to visit when you want to learn about the Renaissance and its unique place in art and cultural history.

Sipping Wine in Spain

After a quick flight to Spain, revel in genuine farm life by participating in the feeding of animals, making cheese, or harvesting grapes that will later be pressed to make fine Spanish brandy. Choose from a variety of farm tourism destinations in Navarre, Asturias, Malaga, or in the Basque region. Each place has always something different to offer for the first-timer and the frequent visitor.

Another good part of visiting these countries is the chance for people to immerse themselves in gastronomic feasts and fashion extravaganzas. Italy, France, and Spain offer their own and separate take on wine, food, and clothing so there is always something new to discover in these three travel gems of Europe.

The Landscapes of Scotland

The landscapes of Scotland is an otherworldly experience that no one should miss. Aside from its long history, the land of the Scots offers a truly amazing outdoor experience that would take you on hiking adventures to the fun of kayaking and sailing. Since by now you have already had your fill of farms, why not explore the lochs of this mysterious island and probably catch a rare glimpse of Nessie? Of course, the trip to Scotland would not be complete without paying homage to Edinburgh Castle, an iconic complex of medieval spires, walls, and ramparts that were constructed beginning in the 12th century. Catch a glimpse of the Stone of Destiny and the Crown Jewels of the Royal House of Scotland.

A European Sojourn Never Ends

These are just a few of the tourism sites that one can visit in Europe once tourism begins the New Normal for travelers. There are other countries that offer their own history, culture, food, and places that will surely make the trip worthwhile. Europe, with its flair and unique customs, will always fascinate tourists from the East and the West who long for the charms of the Old World. While the pandemic has changed practically everything in society including how we will travel and enjoy as tourists, the continent of Europe will remain the same as it was, a giant treasure chest for travelers to find and discover.

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