For DIYers: Basic Home Landscaping Tips

Some homeowners would rather learn how to do things on their own rather than spend money hiring contractors to do the job for them. One example of a home project that DIYers love to take is landscaping.

If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, go on. Get a well-manicured and landscaped property with these tips.

Start by sectioning and splitting your yard to various parts. Working on the whole backyard can be overwhelming for newbies, especially if you haven’t done any landscaping project before. Make your undertaking easy by dividing your yard to several parts and work on each section one by one.

Map everything out

Renovating the backyard for your landscaping project isn’t all about plants. It also includes planning and proper placement of the elements. The individual components should complement each other and work as one whole landscape design.

So, carefully create a layout plan for each plant, object or landscape feature that you want to place in the yard. When all the elements are placed strategically, the landscape will appear more organized and welcoming.

Use the right tools for the job

For your landscaping project, you’ll need the best landscaping supplies in Utah. Make sure they are the high-quality ones but something that your budget will allow. Organize them in an accessible storage place.

Having the right landscaping tools will make your work easier. You’ll need an electric edging tool, hedge trimmer and leaf blower for starters. Take good care of these tools by cleaning them and storing them the right way after each use.

Decide on the plants you like

Having plants and flowers in your yard isn’t enough. For landscaping purposes, you need to have a working idea of the plant varieties that you want to use. This is the right time to research on the kind of plants, grass, shrubs or flowers that you want to use for your landscape project.

Give the pathways more love

garden landscape

Landscaping pathways add appeal and creative touch to your yard. Plus, it prevents people, especially kids, from stepping on the grass and other sensitive areas of the garden. If you have a green and healthy lawn and garden, it’s best to create a pathway to avoid any damage to what you’ve already created.

Add focal points or features

Besides the pathways, plants, trees and shrubs, you can also add unique and pretty landscaping accessories to your backyard to finish the overall look. You can add some statues, wooden benches, gazebos, swing sets, fountains and other water features to make your landscape appealing and welcoming to guests. Again, strategically place them in your backyard to make sure they all go well with the theme of your very own DIY landscape project.

Brighten up the space

Proper lighting and effects add an amazing finish to your landscape. You can throw in some garden lights or fairy lights on your trees for that extra “wow” factor. You and your family will surely enjoy a barbecue dinner out in your backyard with a relaxing view of your garden.

Start small and work your way through the various sections you’ve planned out. Don’t be afraid to move things around and start over if you feel that things are not to your liking.

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