How Should You Choose Your Jewelry?

With so many jewelry options to choose from, it can be hard to find ones that will suit your look. From yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, and so on, choosing the right kind of jewelry can be easier said than done. For one thing, pieces of jewelry such as gold anklets for women, necklaces, rings, and bracelets are suitable investments as part of your beauty must-haves and personal improvement.

Jewelry is like makeup. Some are cheap, while some come with shocking price tags. With many choices to choose from, it’s all about finding one that will you’re your personality, style, and even your skin tone. They are available in most jewelry stores near you or online, but make sure to do your research before buying them.

Types of jewelry that match your skin tone

Just like makeup and hair color, jewelry can look better depending on one’s skin tone. You might like rose gold better than yellow gold, but it might not suit your skin tone. It’s up to you to get what kind of jewelry you want, but it can also be a good idea to know which ones can look better on you.

1. For fair or pale skin

Jewelry experts suggest choosing yellow or white gold, especially 9kt and 14kt ones. Silver jewelry can also work on fair and pale skin. These types of jewelry will help make your skin look more radiant and less pale.

2. For pale skin with reddish undertones

Wearing silver jewelry can make your skin look fresh and complement your light-colored hair. On the contrary, avoid wearing rose gold jewelry as it can highlight your reddish skin tone as well.

3. For brown or dark skin (African, Latin American, Southeast Asian)

Good news: all types of jewelry, especially gold, can suit these types of skin tones. Silver looks great on these skin types, although jewelry experts might not recommend ones in fine jewelry. For Southeast Asians, rose and yellow gold also looks good on their skin tones.

Other things to consider when choosing jewelry

buying a necklace

Aside from skin type, one should also consider other factors when shopping for jewelry. Hair color can also come into play in knowing the best kind of metal jewelry to have. For example, rose gold can look good on those who have darker shades of blonde.

Eye color can also affect your selection of jewelry, although it is more on choosing jewelry with stones. For example, pieces of jewelry with amethyst stones can look good on those with natural amber eye color. Meanwhile, jewelry with sapphire or turquoise stones can complement people with pale-colored eyes. Lastly, those with brown-tinged eyes can choose darker gems such as garnets.

More critical than mixing and matching colors, you should choose jewelry based on how you feel about it. Any jewelry you wear should mean something special to you, whether because it reminds you of your wedding day, birthday, or a loved one. Wearing a piece of jewelry should make you feel better about yourself.

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