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Identity and Expression: Choosing the Right Pair of Footwear

Fashion style is an essential part of one’s identity. Through appearance, an individual silently announces how he or she wishes to present themselves to the public eye—a form of self-expression. Some people even customize their clothing from scribbling doodles with blendable markers on shirts to sewing colorful patches on jeans.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of one’s style is footwear. Shoes can reflect the personality of the wearer in terms of status, personality, and politics. This shows why people are conscious of what they put on their feet and spend an extensive amount of time deciding. There is the never-ending struggle of choosing the “right” pair that will complement not just the outfit but also one’s identity.

Draw inspiration

Before purchasing footwear, buyers must know what fits both their style and the occasion. If at a loss, they can draw inspiration from their favorite icons. Well-known people are usually in the know of what’s popular. They also have the power to influence trends, especially if they’re endorsing a specific type of brand. Look for fashion pegs from celebrities that are close to your height or body shape because they or their stylists know what’s good for their silhouette.

Another way to draw inspiration is to study the brand itself and the products it offers. Buyers need to avoid desiring certain footwear for the sole reason of it being aesthetically pleasing. They must learn other features of the product like comfort and durability. Reading reviews from other buyers will help in decision-making as they’ve tried on the product.

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Buy what is comfortable

This is the most salient point to remember when buying footwear. Experts from Harvard Medical School reminded buyers to trust your own comfort level; don’t just rely on a shoe’s size or description. This is to give buyers the option to change the product that they initially intended to buy. It makes a whole difference once they’ve tried it on to check how it feels. The same institution also imparted that “no matter how comfortable an advertisement claims shoes are, you’re the real judge.” A pair of shoes or any footwear is not worth every penny if it’s just for show and will only cause pain.

Be informed with the policies

All retailers have implemented policies that buyers must strictly adhere to. Along with drawing inspiration, buyers must educate themselves on the policies of the retailer before buying any of its products. It can cause misunderstandings when buyers are not made aware of existing policies, such as on exchange and return. This practice will allow buyers to clarify anything they might find misleading in the policies and avoid dealing with any issues later on.

In choosing the “right” pair of footwear, only the buyer can determine whether it’s meant for him or her. The National Post acknowledges that we have a long history of using shoes as a communication tool to tell the world who we are. What matters is that by being informed, the buyer can manifest their persona through footwear.

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