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It’s Party Time: Planning for a Game Night at Home

Going out with your friends can be expensive sometimes. Some groups of friends prefer going on weekly drinks at the nearby bar.

On the other hand, some of them want to spend their time bonding in the nearby salon and spa. In some cases, you might be invited by your friends to go on an outdoor trip and go camping, hiking, or something more adventurous.

But not all people like the outdoors and prefer to be a homebody, watching Netflix and eating delivered pizza. If this is you, it can be challenging to be with your friends. It’s alright to be an indoor person.

Still, there is still a way to bond with your beloved friends in the comfort of your own home. How? By planning and hosting a board game night!

A lot of games and puzzles have discounted prices at Pennydell Puzzles and other game stores near you. The next step is planning for the games night in your home. It can be a bonding activity that your friends will enjoy over and over again.

Things to remember when planning for a game night

Every event or activity starts with a plan. This is to ensure that your guests will be well-attended and be able to enjoy their time with you as their host. Planning for a game night should not be complicated. Here’s how you can ensure an enjoyable night with the company of your good friends.

1. Determine the number of guests.

Make sure to find a date that doesn’t get in the way of your guests’ schedules. However, it can be hard to set a schedule that will work well with you and your intended guests.

2. Let them know in advance (but be careful with your time frame).

Send out invites to your friends at least a week in advance. Avoid inviting them too early as it can be hard for your friends to commit to attending your event. On the other hand, do not invite two days before your activity because they might already have plans.

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3. Choose your game.

The more games, the better! Your guests will have many options. Have an assortment of games such as card games, board games, pencil puzzles, and group games such as Twister. Encourage your friends to try other games for more excitement!

4. Prepare food and refreshments.

As much as you want your guests to enjoy the game night, you would not want them to go hungry and thirsty. Prepare easy-to-eat food like sliders, cookies, kebabs, or chips and dip. Provide an assortment of refreshments such as fruit punches or beer for adult guests. Avoid hard drinks as much as possible; remember that this is a game night, not a binge party.

Finally, you can decorate your house with fun accessories if that is your thing. But you can skip that if you don’t want to clean up the mess and all. After all, it’s all about having fun and enjoying each other’s presence through clean and decent activities.

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