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Achieve the Minimalist Chic Asian-Inspired Bedroom

If you’re a fan of Asian dramas and movies as well as anime shows, then you must have seen one of those light and ethereal bedrooms that the lead characters usually spend a lot of time in. They’re the epitome of everything that provides a sense of serenity: They’re peaceful, uncluttered, bright, and airy. But at the same time, you see the characters surrounded by items they love and things they need for school or work.

These bedrooms are a combination of minimalist Scandinavian chic and an after version of a bedroom you might see on Mari Kondo’s show. If this is a vibe you want to achieve for your bedroom, here are some essential design and decorating tips to get you started.

Paint your walls white or a bright neutral

There are no two ways about it: If you want to achieve the look of a Korean drama-inspired bedroom, you need to paint your walls either a warm white color or something light neutral. This is the default base for a minimalist, chic, Asian-inspired bedroom. Some of your other options include light cream and ivory since what we’re going for is something that looks clean and relaxing.

Opt for pastel or light wood furniture

After painting your walls something in the white or light neutral side of the color spectrum, the next step is choosing furniture pieces in this color category. When searching for main furniture pieces like your bed, shelves, desk, and side table, you need to find colors that are also white or light pastel or something that has a light wood accent. Adding a touch of light wood or something like a soft pastel brown can help create a balance in your room since an all-white space can look like a hospital real quick. If you must add color, keep it to a minimum by choosing small areas to add pops of colors and texture.

Minimalist Living room

Choose low-setting furniture

Another significant marker of a serene minimalist Asian-inspired bedroom is furniture pieces that are slightly lower than usual. This is because furniture pieces that are lower tend to add a sense of coziness and intimacy to any room, and at the same time, they can help make your ceiling look higher. Consider using a low-profile wooden bed frame instead of a regular one, and see just how much coziness it can add to your bedroom when you feel like you’re sleeping on the floor. Don’t forget to opt for clean white sheets, too!

Display aesthetic design elements

The word “aesthetic” has been beaten like a dead horse in the past few years but simply put, it’s an essential design principle that identifies a specific design’s pleasing qualities. This means that when choosing which artwork to display in your room, you need to choose those that will help complement the look you’re going for. Choosing aesthetic pieces also means believing that function and design always go together and are not mutually exclusive.

To break up the neutrality in your room, look for art prints that help express your personality and what you find visually appealing. Look for those that inspire you to be productive throughout your day and those that remind you of your core values and beliefs. A novelty souvenir store might help you find just what you’re looking for, especially since there are plenty of artists who now sell their artworks and merchandise directly to consumers.

Use more than one light source

Another thing that will help make your bedroom look like the escape you want it to be is a warm glow, which is why lighting will play a big part in achieving the minimalist, peaceful atmosphere. Here are some tips for achieving this look through lighting:

  • Open up the window and use sheer white drapes so that natural light envelops your room throughout the day. Make sure no piece of furniture is blocking the light coming from the window.
  • Use a warm-based bulb for your main source of light. Or opt for a bulb that will allow you to choose the temperature of your lighting.
  • Add other sources of light aside from your main source, like a small lamp on your bedside table, neon lights on your work desk, and a standing lamp on the far corner of the room. Warm-toned fairy lights might also work.

Our bedrooms must be the first place we think of when we want to escape the hustle and bustle of our daily life. Make it the most peaceful place on earth by following these simple design tips.

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