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Sensitive Skin and Allergy: All You Need to Know

There are many anti-aging skin care products in the market today, which are meant to slow down the process of aging and restore a person’s youthful look. Though the choices are many, most of them don’t work since they don’t cater to those who have sensitive skin. Only a few brands like Korean CosRX skincare have products that not only help those with sensitive skin, but also those with skin allergies.

The Problem with Sensitive Skin and Skin Allergies

Many of us continue to apply normal skin care products without realizing that our skin is sensitive to it over a period of time, assuming that they’ll start showing results. The only results we get, however, are rashes, brown spots, bumps, parched and itchy skin.

Rashes can be mainly from fragrances, preservatives, and acrylates present in the normal cosmetic products. Like rashes, hives — which look like red welts — can also be the result of using wrong products. Sometimes, you might feel that your skin feels tight or oily and notice breakouts, which gives the indication that your skin is not reacting positively to the products you’re currently using.

As per the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI), the most common skin reaction of using beauty products is called contact dermatitis, a skin inflammation caused by direct contact with a substance. Extensive study has been done in this area and researchers have now concluded that petrochemical ingredients in the products cause a majority of allergies.

What You Should Do Instead

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The solution is to switch to hypoallergenic skin care products, which have been tried and tested. These products have been declared safe and can be used by people with sensitive skin. This way, you can avoid common ingredients like perfume and paraben (commonly used as preservatives) in normal skin care products.

The use of paraben can lead to skin conditions like Rosacea, and there are high chances of getting cancerous diseases. Doctors have found this substance in breast cancer tissues, as well. The side effect for men is that it reduces sperm count, which can lead to impotency. Methylpareben, butylparaben, or propylparaben are all from the family of paraben, so stay away from all products that have any of these ingredients.

Check if the products are hypoallergenic before making the final choice. As of late, many small-time companies print labels saying that their products comply with all standards and are safe for sensitive skin.

Don’t be fooled by their tactics and make a wise decision. Go for products that have a shorter list of ingredients, as it would mean that there are fewer ingredients for your skin to react to. It’s also important to do a patch test to find out if you are allergic to a particular product. All you need to do is test the product at the back of your wrist or behind the ear and wait for 12 hours to check how your skin reacts.

When buying for skin care products, opt for trusted top brands even though they might be a little overpriced.

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