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Tattoo Care: Looking after Your Tattoo Scabs

A tattoo is a kind of body modification that aims to create a colored drawing on the skin through scarring the skin’s surface. Most use a coloring agent to create a colored image on the skin surface. As such, it is essential for you to choose a professional to do the job and who can teach you how to care properly for the tattoo. In most cases, any professional tattoo artist in North Carolina such as those from will be willing to guide you through the process. The more appealing the results are, the better for their business.

A new tattoo leaves an open wound that is expected to heal within the next few weeks. That is why it may be a little painful or even uncomfortable. It is normal for the skin to undergo the normal process of healing, which includes scabbing.

Is it Normal for a Tattoo to Scab?

Skin scabbing is a part of the healing process when skin tissues are damaged. Light scabbing after getting a tattoo is quite normal. This may be accompanied by itching and flaking too. These are signs that the body is repairing damaged skin. Essentially, the scab is meant to protect the tattoo wound from dirt, further damage and promote the growth of new skin cells. Here is how to care for them and promote fast healing.

Clean Up

Keep the tattoo clean by washing it gently using your bare hands and mild anti-bacterial soap. Avoid using any material to clean the skin. Once done, rinse it up and pat dry. This is enough to remove any dirt and loose debris from the scab. Do not rub it as this will remove the scab prematurely, leave an open wound, and force the skin to develop another scab which prolongs healing.

tattoo artist using pink tattoo machineMoisturize

Once you have cleaned the scab, moisturize it. You can use the after-care kit from your tattooist or get some moisturizing lotion. Keeping it moist prevents the scab from cracking. Also, apply a warm wet compress on it two times. Moisturizing encourages the crusted skin to loosen up while the warmth promotes circulation, which promotes skin regeneration for quick healing.

Avoid Sweating and Excessive Wetness

Extreme physical activity will lead to sweating and could irritate the wounded skin. It is also easy for the scab to come off when doing these activities. Avoid soaking in tubs, swimming, going into the lake or ocean, as these expose the tattoo to germs that could lead to infection. Also, once water seeps into the tattoo, it could draw out the ink and cause fading.

If you fail to take proper care of fresh tattoos, they could turn out itchy, painful and even unsightly. Taking extra caution during the scabbing phase will ensure that the encrusted covering serves its purpose. This way, you are protected from permanent scarring and infections. Watch out for any signs such as pus oozing from the tattoo and tattoo wounds that are raised above the skin. In case of these or any other concerns, seek professional help.

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