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The Art of Staging a Drive-by Birthday Bash

One may think that the coronavirus has taken away the joy of meeting together and celebrating our milestones with loved ones. That doesn’t have to be the case. If anything, the situation allows us to find new ways to throw parties.

The drive-by birthday bash is a result of the creativity this season requires. It ensures physical distancing in a public setting, while still allowing family and friends to come together for a fun time.

How to Set It Up

There are no strict rules for how you should set up your drive-by party. But these are some essentials that will make it memorable for both the celebrant and the guests.

Have it in your yard or a park.

Having it outdoors will be safer and more convenient for your visitors. Consider the amount of space you may need and the ease of access for people who will be coming in their cars. Your front yard or a field in the local park are ideal options to accomplish this while observing traffic laws.

Make sure there will be enough space for people to park their cars and say hi. Stay updated on weather conditions as well. These will help you determine how to arrange your decorations in a way that will be convenient for everyone.

Send e-invitations.

Save up on having to print out any invitations by distributing digital versions to your guests. Canva is a great resource for invitation templates that are easy for anyone to customize and personalize as desired.

Since drive-by parties are new for everyone, especially invitees, it will also be helpful to have a few words on how it will go and what to expect when they arrive. You can also include a map of the venue and the driving route they should take, if applicable.

Go big on decorations.

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Unlike a regular party, the physical distance in a drive-by party will require decor that is literally bigger for better visibility. Get the family to work together on a project by making birthday banners and large signs to make the event as festive as it can be.

You can also put up a message board by the driveway so people can write greetings to the celebrant. Don’t forget to stay sanitized by leaving disinfectant and sanitizer within reach!

Set up a screen for videos.

Allow your guests to participate more than just driving by and saying hi. Set up a screen or projector and some speakers to show your friends and family video presentations for the celebrant. You can even project a multiplayer game that visitors can access through their mobile phones.

This setup is not easy to improvise, so it may be the most practical to outsource. Go for AV rentals to take away the hassle of figuring out outdoor tech needs on your own. Just make sure you inform them of what exactly you need and give them the needed files ahead of time.

Invite friends and family to bring signs and decorate their cars.

Any party is more fun when guests are dressed up for the party. In this case, invite them to decorate their cars and bring signs to give the event a celebratory mood. There are many ways to do this — from balloons to washable window paint.

You can still encourage your guests to come by in party hats and costumes, especially the children, to make it reminiscent of a regular party. Have visitors honk their horns, too, to join in the merrymaking.

Give away party favors.

What’s a birthday party without some loot bags? Set up a table or two by the driveway for people to drop off gifts and pick up their party favors to go.

Choose giveaways that will not be difficult to bring home. It may be advisable not to use cupcakes or tarts with toppings as favors. If you are giving away food, opt for low-maintenance sweets like cookies or brownies, as they are easier to transport.

You can also do away with food entirely. An alternative is to give away care packages instead. Scented hand sanitizers, wet wipes, hand creams, and even essential oils are useful and practical during these times.

Making the Most of Your Celebration

The drive-by setup for a birthday is new for everyone, so it won’t always look like how you envisioned it. More than having a perfect party, the most exciting aspect of a drive-by birthday bash is being able to see the people you love.

Observe proper safety procedures and traffic rules. But most of all, focus on having a great, physically distanced time with your loved ones!

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