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Things You Need to Know Before Building a Shearing Shed

Are you planning to have a wool shearing shed to gain higher profits? Before you build one, be sure to consider the livestock shearing technology tips below.

Sheep penning is an accustomed method that farmers practice to boost soil fertility. It will bring you convenience if your pens are constructed optimally. The perfect design for your holding pens is the one that promotes good livestock flow. Sheeted fences are essential for livestock movement. Make sure the gates have extra strength to ensure that everything is in place.

Lighting and Ventilation

To achieve high-quality shearing, the available light is an important factor. Natural light is always the best, but take note to stay away from direct sunlight as it causes the newly shorn wool to glare, which can affect the eyes of your shearers and wool handlers. You want them to be productive, so make sure they don’t receive eye strain while doing the task.

Low-cost sources of diffusing natural light are available on the market. The ideal construction materials that you can integrate into your shed to have considerable natural lighting include:

  • Wall cladding with translucent sheeting
  • Wall shutters
  • Roof panels throwing diffuse lighting

If your business operations include nighttime activities, you should go for an artificial solution. Fluorescent lights can be a great help for your sheep shedding and wool pressing business. It enables you to control the lighting in your shed effectively all the time.

Just take note of these when buying the lights:

  • The recommended illumination level for classing table is 500 lux.
  • For the shearing board, what you need is lighting with illumination level of 250 lux.
  • To provide light to your storage and wool rooms, a level of 100 to 200 lux is enough.

Paint the interior of the shed with light pastel colors. These shades help in reflecting 60 to 70% of the artificial light. To be practical, ensure that the walls facing the board are painted with these colors.

Well Ventilated Shearing Area

It will be an uncomforting experience to do the task during hot weather. That’s why you need to make sure your shed is well ventilated to invite fresh air and promote excellent working conditions. With proper ventilation in the area, you can deter condensation that can impact the shearing and crutching processes.

The design of your shed will be based on its size, so consulting a professional to assess your structure is essential to build a perfect working area. Condensed moisture dripping from the top of the shed can affect your shearing business. So, invest in high-quality roofing materials. Most shed owners prefer having aluminum roofing with chicken wire covering to deter birds from nesting and damaging the foil.

Other Beneficial Shed Features that You Must Have

close up shot of sheeps at the farm

When dealing with livestock manure, grating floor with the taper is the solution. To make your wool room a comfortable working environment for your staff, you can use timber for the flooring.

To ensure that your livestock pens are catered to various operations and breeds, don’t hesitate to seek help from experts. You’ll learn proper ways of sheep handling. Moreover, if you have an old yard, you can initiate a makeover to have it back in use and gain higher profits.

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