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Three Used-to-be-boring Things You Love As You Grow Old

Growing old could mean white hair, a job, bills, and more responsibilities. What’s less likely to be talked about is the ever-changing interests of people. For younger people, a new toy warrants a big smile and hopping in excitement. Teens are more likely to get into video games, fashion, and going out on weekends. When people are past this phase, they start loving the things they found boring when they were young: staying in, cute ceramics, gardening, and home stuff.


Houseplants have been an obsession for younger generations. Because these generations pay a lot of attention to overall well-being, maintaining horticulture helps them de-stress and give them a sense of responsibility. Millennials love being “plant parents” so much that this industry grew 50% since 2016.

The top picks are low maintenance plants because they survive the best indoors. For example, Snake Plant requires very little water and sun, making them best for areas of the house that don’t get much sunlight. Hanging plants like Pothos are common, too, because they vine quickly with very little maintenance.

Maybe you’ve also been collecting cute ceramic pots. Those could double as home decor as well.


When you visit your parents’ or grandparents’ places, there’s a good chance the dining area is blessed with the presence of way too many ceramics the household could ever use. At one point, you were probably thinking it was an unnecessary excess. Then, you reach a point where you scour the internet for pretty mugs and plates.

Suddenly, your kitchen looks cuter with these ceramics, and you’re more motivated to have guests over. They do not only make meals more fun, but they also look cute in photos. They can look good on your Instagram feed or use them to showcase your newly learned home-cooked meal.

This is also one way to express yourself because there are a plethora of styles to choose from. There are dainty ones, modern and bold-colored ones, and even ceramics that look like they were used by The Flinstones.

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House decor

Some say you’d know you’ve grown up when IKEA starts feeling like Toys R Us. There comes a time when you’ll get the same rush when you walked into a toy store as a child. This time usually comes when one gets their own house or apartment.

They scroll through Pinterest or watch home improvement shows and fantasize about how their dream home would look like. This fantasy, then, takes effect as much as it could in a smaller space.

Walking into this new “toy store” can be overwhelming and can lead to impulse purchases, so don’t forget to measure your rooms prior to visiting. This will ensure that everything you buy fits perfectly, and your money won’t go to waste.

Whatever your interests are, growing up is something everyone should embrace. Most importantly, interests keep you sane. When you’ve had a long day at work, you can turn to your interests to make you feel human again. It’s also a great way to spoil yourself–by visiting the nearest IKEA, garden, and online stores.

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