Why Choosing a Community Is Akin to Choosing a Home

Your neighbors and the community you live in will play a big role in helping you deal with stress and get through your days. Having contentious relationships with neighbors—whether you live in the suburbs or a condominium building in the urban jungle—is the kind of stress you don’t need in your life anymore. That’s why it’s important to choose not only the house you’re living in but also the community that you and your family will be a part of.

Thankfully, some regulations govern neighborhood peace such as requirements for tree trimming in Sandy. Neighbors just can’t unanimously decide to trim and cut down trees, especially if it will affect the overall look and feel of the neighborhood. You should be wary about simple things like this because the wrong move can spell disaster for your life in the community.


When you purchase a home in the suburbs or a condominium, you are not only choosing the house but also the community that you will become acquainted with. This gives you a chance to become part of a large family that gathers for barbecues and picnics, shares pie recipes, and hopefully helps each other during a crisis. If you can’t see yourself socializing with your neighbors, you should rethink your decision to purchase a home in that particular community.


Being a good neighbor is not just about waving and saying hi when you pass each other on the street. It’s about sharing and pooling your resources. It’s about knocking on a new neighbor’s door and offering her a plate of cookies or a basket of fruits. It’s about offering to look after their house when the family is out for vacation or taking in their dog when they need to go out of town.

Are you not a big fan of friendly neighbors? Maybe you just haven’t tried being part of a community. You’ll find that home life becomes easier to manage when you get along with your neighbors and you learn to share resources, too.



Knowing the people around you gives a sense of security. You know that it is safe for a night jog. You know that someone always has your back, whether you need a cup of sugar (that you have forgotten to buy) or someone to call the police when there’s a burglary in your house. Being friendly with your neighbors gives you a sense of security. Isn’t it nice to know you have someone to depend on? You can start a neighborhood watch where every night, a group of neighbors will walk the streets together to check if anyone is lurking.

Stress Reliever

Believe it or not; having a good relationship with your neighbors is an instant mood booster and stress reliever. It allows you to walk or jog outside comfortably. It enables you to ask for help when you need it. More importantly, you will feel at home not only inside your house but in the community as well.

Fostering good relationships with your neighbors doesn’t cost a dime. A smile and a wave will do the trick. Also, make choosing a community a part of the considerations you make when purchasing a home. If you can’t see yourself being a part of a particular neighborhood, move on to the next real estate on your list.

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