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Wildfires: Why Tree Takedown is Not the Answer

Hurricanes and storms proved to be capable of massive damage. In winter, snow storms caused power interruptions and even led to the loss of life. Though snow isn’t a problem in summer, it’s replaced with extreme temperatures that may cause health problems if people don’t pay attention to what they wear.

It’s undeniable that climate change is in effect and worsening our quality of life. You can hardly do anything now without needing to rethink your steps and knowing just how dangerous your actions are to the environment. Though it’s good that more people are becoming aware of their environmental impact, we’re still not doing enough.

A Fiery Awakening

Forest fires have awakened us to horrors that we could only watch unfold through social media. Los Angeles, famous home to Hollywood hopefuls, was faced with a seemingly endless tragedy.

Then, another forest fire in South Korea told us it can happen halfway around the globe too. With properties destroyed and lives endangered, it’s easy to see that the conservation of trees has taken a backseat as everyone aimed to rebuild their lives. Those who were in the immediate vicinity will likely not forget how trees became the avenue for a fire to spread in such a large scale.

Not the Enemy

It would be wrong to blame trees for the forest fires, however. The wildfire in South Korea was reportedly due to a spark at a transformer. Trees had the unfortunate part of helping the fire spread, as they are highly flammable. This only highlights one thing: even trees need attention, too.

In Sandy, thankfully, tree trimming is not such an uncommon service, so any homeowner who wants to trim the trees on their property will not have to do it themselves and risk doing it improperly. Trees offer shade and protection, and they clean the air. Their roots also help prevent flooding. Rather than think that trees need to go to prevent fires, consider ways to make trees as beneficial and as safe as possible.

One Tree at a Time

It’s not just wildfires that you have to prepare for. With extreme weather changes heralded by global warming, no one can say there will be no storm in the middle of summer. When that storm hits, it might damage or compromise trees, leaving them cracked and close to falling down.

If trees are close to your property, you need to act immediately to secure them. They provide shade only while they are upright and if they fall down, they might result in damage to person or property. Avoid this by securing trees before the storm hits, and inspect them regularly for signs of damage.

Greener Efforts

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Taking care of the trees we have now is not enough. Everyone’s past actions have led to enough damage to our planet that undoing them will require a big effort from everyone. At the very least, we need to plant new trees. Those that have been ruined from fires and have been taken down to give way to commercial construction should be replaced if we want the next generation to have a chance.

Maybe it’s not survival of the fittest that will determine if our species lives. Maybe it’s survival of the greenest. And to win the race, everyone must act now.

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