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Your Guide to Staying Fit While You’re Traveling

Traveling, whether here or abroad, can give you a lot of memories and an unforgettable experience. However, it also gives you a chance to stay fit and healthy. There may be some indulgences – from food to alcohol – here and there, but as long as you’re in control and you take good care of your physical health, you will be okay.

As you travel, you should not treat your days as cheat days even if you have a lot of leeway when it comes to food and exercise. You should make sure that an active mindset is still on. That way, you will not forget how to keep yourself in shape easily.

Fortunately, there are some tips to make such things happen. Whether you’re traveling for a short time or you’re already a long-term jet-setter, below are some of the pointers that will help you stay in shape.

Start with a big healthy breakfast

To save money, you may be skipping breakfast and just choose brunch. But you may want to change this mindset now. This is because skipping morning meals can affect your body’s rhythm of fasting and eating negatively. It also kickstarts your metabolism, thus enabling your body to burn calories throughout the day. When you skip breakfast, you may get hungry later on that you may be tempted to satisfy your cravings with high-sugar food. In case you’re staying in a hostel or hotel with free breakfast, by all means, make the most of it.

Cook your own food

Because you’re traveling, you may feel that you’re saving time when you just eat out instead of cooking in your own hotel. But if you’re traveling long-term, you may want to start cooking again or making yourself a brown bag. Not only will it help you save money, but it will also keep you from overeating. If you have a specific diet, it will be much easier to keep it up when you cook it yourself. Furthermore, when you cook, you have the assurance that what goes into your food is actually fresh. While you are at it, you should not forget the measurement and amount of the food you eat.

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Walk, walk, walk

Exploring other cities and countries will give you a lot of opportunities to walk. If the weather’s fine and you have a lot of time in your hands, why not walk instead of riding your Uber? Walking also helps burn calories. More than that, it also allows you to discover your destination more. Another alternative would be cycling, which is a good cardio exercise. Just a word of caution: make sure that your rheumatoid arthritis care doctor allows you to walk long distances in case you have such conditions.

Stay hydrated

When you travel, you lose a lot of fluids, which may cause dehydration if you do not do something about it. So, make it a point that you always drink a lot of water. It will not only keep you hydrated, but it will also help you flush away toxins and facilitate better digestion. You better stay away from sugary drinks, such as sodas and artificial fruit juices.

Start a low-impact workout

Working out does not always mean being gung ho at the gym. You may also take your sweet time and relax as you exercise. You may want to try a low-impact workout while you’re in rest, such as swimming and yoga. A morning jog is also an ideal activity.

The best that you can do is to give yourself a pep talk – that you need to stay in shape. This may be quite difficult, especially if you have not had the same commitment before. But who says it is already late?

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