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Your Quick Guide to Picking a Portable Scooter for Your Loved One

For those who have disabled loved ones, you clearly know that they have special needs that need to be addressed. And one of these concerns’ mobility. When it comes to this, you certainly want them to have and enjoy independence that will allow them to live their lives to the fullest. Your role to help them will always be appreciated and recognised. If you want to ensure that they can move around and have some fun, you may want to get them a scooter. Choosing a portable scooter for disabled may seem simple, and often, a lot of families take it lightly. This should not be the case, however. There are some nuances and features you need to observe that will help you pick the right scooter. After all, comfort and independence are important factors to address. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to make your search much easier.

1. Where will it be used?

The setting and the location where the scooter will be used matter a lot. There are many scooters that are designed for specific uses and locations. For one, outdoor scooters may differ in design from indoor scooters; the wheels of the outdoor scooter are larger, tougher and thicker. Outdoor scooters may be designed with four wheels due to the impact they may receive from the terrain. Three-wheel scooters suit internal use for much easier manoeuvre. It will always be helpful if you ask the sales associate about which type of scooter actually suits your loved one.

2. Mind the ergonomics

Regardless of the type of scooter, it is important that you pay attention to the ergonomics. Ergonomics basically talks about the interaction between the person and the machine. In this regard, you need to make sure that the scooter is comfortable. The seating should help promote good posture. It should also follow or mould the contour of the person’s buttocks. To determine its comfort, you may try a test drive yourself.

3. Check its usability

Ergonomics also talks about usability, so you must make sure that the scooter is easy to use that even an old person can understand it. The buttons and controls should also be easy to use. If possible, you may ask for a tutorial on how to manoeuvre it.

4. How big is it?

a senior man on a scooter Size matters in this aspect. Bigger scooters mean that there will be more storage where your loved one can keep some of their things. This will be particularly helpful, especially if your loved one will go outside. For indoor use, it is important that the scooter will not take up so much space, so go for smaller ones. You may consider checking the sizes and dimensions of your doorways before buying. It may even be helpful if you decide to get a portable scooter. Picking a scooter for your disabled loved one should not be a problem, knowing that there are pieces of advice available online. Better yet, take your loved one to the store and let them decide.

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