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5 Inspiring Fall Wedding Themes and Concepts

Autumn comes with cold, crisp weather alongside marvelous foliage, making it the perfect season for weddings. All these factors allow fall to host some of the prettiest outdoor events, giving the soon-to-be-wed couple and their guests a one-of-a-kind experience.

Before choosing wedding videography packages to showcase your special day, consider choosing a theme first. To make it easier for you, here are five inspiring fall wedding themes and concepts to get the best of the season right into your big day.

Posh Velvet Theme

Fall is one of the best seasons for a velvet-themed wedding, right after winter. Add more sophistication to your autumn wedding by adding touches of velvet in rich jewel-colored tones throughout your decor, including table settings and furniture, to achieve a theme that’s posh and seasonally appropriate. This wedding concept revolves around the luxe details, such as velvet ribbons around your wedding programs, reception menu, and chairs.

Autumn Leaves

What’s a fall wedding without the gorgeous foliage? Incorporating autumn leaves into the wedding decor is one of the most popular fall wedding themes that everyone’s loving. It’s a cost-effective and environmentally friendly theme to incorporate into your big day.

You can implement this theme into your wedding decor following the traditional fall motif of using autumn leaves from your backyard and placing them across the table. If you still want to have a more conventional fall wedding theme, you can pick up branches with autumn leaves, put them in clear vases with water and place them on your reception tables, brightening them up.

You can also add more glam to your fall leaves-themed decor by spray painting autumn leaves gold and adorning them around the walls of your venue or placing them on your wedding programs.

Rustic or Barn Wedding

Outdoor or rustic barn weddings are a favorite among couples, and it’s a fun theme to incorporate into your big day. To achieve this theme, think wood, lace, country flowers, lush grass, and foliage. Bare wooden tables, neutral colors, greenery, and taper candles, are just some of the basics that every rustic-themed wedding needs.

However, having these barn weddings can feel stuffy, especially if you’re having your reception in one. You can avoid this by using fine china and luxe textiles while maintaining a genuine ‘rustic vibe.’

Jewel Tones

The deep jewel tones of sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, amethyst, and garnet can result in an elegant autumn wedding. It’s best to take advantage of these gorgeous colors and layer them out throughout your wedding decor to achieve a sophisticated, vibrant, and sumptuous atmosphere.

You can incorporate this theme by using colored glass, making the jewel stones stand out. Complement their deep tones by blending in plenty of natural elements, including moss, branches, or other greenery.

Harvest Theme

harvest theme

Fall is the harvest season, so what better way to celebrate pumpkins and wheat than incorporate them into your wedding theme? This unique concept provides more flexibility as you can use anything from pumpkin to moss. For instance, you can use mini pumpkins as cardholders, indicating the number of tables, or use a cornucopia full of pumpkins as a centerpiece.

You’ve discovered love in your future spouse and wedding date. Now prepare yourself to fall in love with your big day even more with the themes mentioned. Celebrate love, family, and the beauty of autumn in one memorable event.

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