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Intimate Wedding: Celebrating the Occasion with Limited People

Most people see weddings as grand events where a lot of people gather to celebrate. Some people even believe that couples should invite all their friends and relatives to make the occasion more memorable. Other couples prefer to have a big wedding.

However, if you are on a budget or you love the concept of having a simple wedding, you don’t need to invite everyone. You can always choose to have an intimate wedding instead. Remember, your special day should always depend on your preferences. Of course, you should also ensure that your future wife or husband agrees with the concept as well.

Perks of Having an Intimate Wedding

Some people think that when you say an intimate wedding, it’s for people who are on a budget. It’s for couples who don’t want to spend a considerable amount of money on their big day. Some people indeed want to cut down their wedding expenses. However, the main goal of having an intimate wedding is to ensure that couples can celebrate it with their family, closest friends, and relatives. It’s simply about limiting the number of guests. Couples usually invite people who are special to them. Here are some of the best things you can get from having an intimate wedding:

  • Enjoy a more intimate wedding venue — A smaller wedding venue creates an unique atmosphere. That means you get to take in all the events that will happen on that day. You get to appreciate all the wedding details. You can see everyone’s faces. It will make your big day more special.
  • Need fewer supplies—You can cut costs because you don’t need to order a lot of food and drinks for your guests. As a result, you can use the extra budget for other wedding supplies. For instance, you can request a mobile bar and some cocktails for your guests. You can also extend your rent for the reception venue. This way, you and your guests can enjoy dancing at your party ceremony set up
  •  Make the occasion less formal—If you wish to push through with an intimate wedding, you can choose to have a non-conventional theme. You can visit your bridal boutique and request for a non-traditional wedding dress if you want. You can also request your stylist to pick fun wedding decorations. Also, you don’t need to overthink about finalizing the styles and designs of the outfits, reception style, or wedding favors. Your guests will appreciate everything that you will prepare for them.
  • Have manageable guests—Your coordinator and their assistants will avoid experiencing difficulties in managing your guests. When you limit the people invited to your wedding, it will be easier for them to relay instructions and friendly reminders. They can inform everyone what to do before the wedding reception and after the reception party.

Having an intimate wedding will help you lessen your wedding expenses. Aside from this, you can enjoy celebrating your most special day with people who genuinely care about the two of you. Keep in mind that weddings are not dedicated to impressing other people. It’s all about celebrating your relationship and the new milestone that both of you will reach soon. Make sure that you plan it carefully and aim to have the most memorable and special event for your big day.

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