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How Medical Practitioners Can Provide Better Patient Care

Doctors took an oath to prioritize the safety and the improvement of the health of their patients. Their Hippocratic oath is focused on providing care and alleviating the pain that their patients are experiencing. Still, more than remaining true to the oath they took, medical practitioners must now also focus on a host of other things that can improve their medical practice.


If you are not using technology in your medical clinic, you are losing opportunities that could bring more patients to your practice. Technology such as ED billing helps streamline the process of admission, transaction, and payment for the hospital or clinic, the patients, and their insurance policies. This takes away a major source of stress for patients who still need to take care of collecting the billing statements and filing the appropriate claim to their insurance.

Aside from the billing and insurance component of medical technology, bringing in new equipment for reading blood chemistry, ECG, urinalysis, and many others also help for a more comprehensive and efficient medical service. Patients like accessing the results of their medical examinations via the Internet, too, so that’s another use of technology that you shouldn’t shrug off.

Administrative Staff

You cannot run your whole practice alone. As a medical practitioner, you need to deal with patients at least two to three hours each day per clinic. This doesn’t give you much time to deal with the administrative tasks of running a medical practice. Will you have the time to do your taxes, manage patients’ schedule, or remind patients of their appointments?

You need to hire an administrative staff who can do all this work for you. But even if you have an administrator, nurses, radiology technicians, and medical technologists to handle your practice, you should still familiarize yourself with how your clinic runs. You should not lose control of the administrative side of your profession.

Online Scheduling

To be an effective medical practitioner, your time management should be flawless. Typically, a doctor can see four to five patients per hour. Manage your time well in such a way that your patients won’t have to wait for too long while you’re seeing other patients. This is why an online appointment is a good way to manage your schedule. Your tech-savvy patients will also appreciate the effort it took you to integrate the system into your practice.


Doctor talking to a patient

Send out questionnaires to your patients regularly. This will help you realize which areas of your practice you should improve on and which parts your patients appreciate and you should maintain. Encourage, especially your long-term patients, to be open to you regarding their expectations from the kind of services that you provide. If there are negative comments, take this as a challenge to improve yourself and your medical practice.

There’s another thing that you have to invest in to improve your medical practice: your clinic. If your clinic is dingy, your patients won’t have a good impression of you. Make sure that the rooms are sanitized, comfortable, and well-lit.

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