Rustic Wedding Favor Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Rustic weddings are so fun to put together. From scouting for the perfect venue to looking for the ideal giveaways that your guests would love, it involves some of the most enjoyable tasks in event planning.

Of course, the venue is always at the forefront. What’s a rustic wedding without an amazing venue that effortlessly gives off the rustic appeal? Good thing there are great country wedding venues in Minnesota and other states that you can book and can meet the majority of the requirements for your dream rustic wedding. You can opt for an indoor or outdoor ceremony and reception and you will not encounter any trouble

These wedding venues are packaged nicely, complete with tables and chairs, heating and cooling systems, and many other accessories that will keep up with the look and feel that you need. When you already have a lovely cottage barn to stage the wedding event in style, you will only have to think about a few other things. One of them is the wedding favor you will distribute to your guests. You need to make sure it is inclined to the theme, as well as useful and amazing.

What’s a Wedding Favor For?

Wedding favors

It’s no joke to be attending an event, especially if it is a wedding. You need to dress up for the occasion and make an effort to come to a celebration that will likely last for hours. Wedding guests deserve some love for setting aside some time, effort, and money in order to celebrate this milestone with you. That’s what wedding favors are for. It’s some sort of a thank you gift that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. That’s why you need to carefully think of what to give away.

Of course, the number one factor that will dictate what you should give away is the theme of your wedding. If it’s a rustic wedding, your guests will likely expect something with a country look and feel. This can be easily achieved by choosing a specific container or packaging. The use of jars, pots, paper bags, burlap bags, boxes, and suitable accessories can easily do the trick.

When it comes to the contents, it is all up to you. You can give away practically anything but for the best impressions, find something that your guests will likely use and enjoy. Think of jams, plants and succulents, seed packets, candles, sweet treats, and goodies such as chocolates and pies. You can also give out bottled oils.

Rustic wedding favors and decorations

Your choice depends on your motif. If yours is more of a garden theme, seed packets and potted succulents are great ideas. If you want to put weight on the barn theme, so as to highlight the cottage barn as your chosen country wedding venue, you can pack a good luck horseshoe charm or a nice scarf.

But then again, you also need to take note of other things. If your guests will be traveling from afar, you must choose a wedding favor that will not spoil or get damaged on the journey home. You may also opt for something they can already consume the next morning or immediately after the event. A jar of popcorn or jam or a bag of goodies is always welcome.

Choosing the wedding venue and favors must be thoughtfully done to impress your guests long after the event is over. Use this guide to make the right decision.

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