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How to Arrange Furniture in Your Sitting Room

When decorating your new sitting room or redecorating your current one, you have to consider a lot of things—your budget, lifestyle and of course, personal taste. To help you get started, begin with your furniture layout. You have to figure out where your chairs, sofas, tables and storage will go.

But before you go ahead and buy that chaise lounge sofa for sale you have been salivating over, consider these layout ideas for your sitting room.

Begin With a Focal Point

Having a focal point would make space planning so much easier. After you have determined where your focal point should be, you can plan how you to arrange your furniture around it. If you must really have a TV in your sitting room, you should place your main sofa in front of the TV. Chairs can flank the TV to round out the seating arrangement, adding balance to the overall visual.

If your sitting room has a fireplace, a circular furniture layout around it will offer easy interaction between friends and family. Just make sure that the space between seats is less than 8 feet. If you do not have a TV or a fireplace, the centre of your sitting room is the most sensible focal point. Consider placing two sofas in front of each other and around your coffee table. Place a chaise lounge, chairs or ottomans to fill spaces in between.

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Position Tables, Ottomans and Storage

After you have carefully arranged the seating area around your sitting room’s focal point, you now need to tackle the storage and tables. You could place an ottoman or coffee table right smack in the middle of the seating area. If you want open and decorative storage, consider sofa tables, which are narrow, long tables that you can place against the back of your sofa. Then, you can place your side tables beside your sofa or next to the other chairs.

If you have a small sitting room, consider using nesting tables instead of typical tables because these could expand when you want to use them and be hidden away when not in use. Storage cabinets should be placed against unobstructed walls, while media consoles and related accessories should, of course, be stored under your TV.

Arrange Lighting

If you have flush mount light fixtures, you can place them anywhere on your ceiling where you need light. If you have a chandelier, the best place to install it is above your seating area. If you want to incorporate floor lamps, they are best positioned beside your sofa or chairs in place of the side tables. You could also look for floor lamps with attached tables to save space.

Following these ideas for the layout of your sitting room furniture would help make certain that the space will be both beautiful and functional. Do not forget to determine what is most important to you—style of function—before buying furniture and arranging your sitting room to ensure that you’ll need up with a sitting room that perfectly reflects what you want it to reflect.

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