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How to Prepare Yourself for a Waxing Session

Waxing is a tried and tested hair removal method that always works as long as it is done professionally. While the success of a waxing session depends on the therapist’s experience, there is still much you can do to prepare your body for the session.

This checklist will ensure that you are in the best shape when you walk into your favorite Brazilian waxing salon:

Inspect Your Skin and Keep the Therapist Informed

You should never wax if you have broken skin or inflammation. Sit it out and wait for the skin to heal before waxing. While most therapists will inspect your skin before waxing, doing your own inspection will save you the pain of taking the futile trip in the first step. Also, point out any moles or beauty marks on your skin so that the esthetician can protect them during the waxing process.

Let Your Hair Grow A Bit

Waxing will turn out great if the hair is the ideal length. Too short and the wax will not have anything to hold onto. Too long and the waxing session will be very painful you won’t want to come back for more. In most cases, an eight to a quarter of an inch are always good enough for underarm, bikini and leg hair.

woman having armpits waxed

Do Some Light Exfoliation Two Days Before

Exfoliation is a great way to ensure that the wax on the waxing day attaches to the hairs and not the skin. But as with everything else, there’s a right way to exfoliate. Make sure you do it gently. If you overdo it, it could leave your skin sensitive to pain, affecting your waxing experience. A gentle scrub in the shower with a rough washcloth should do the trick.

Keep Moisturizing

A moist skin lets your skin release the wax better, reducing chances of dermal damage after the waxing. Regular moisturizing at least 4 days before the appointment will make your skin supple and ready for the procedure. You shouldn’t, however, overdo it since too much moisture could affect how the wax attaches to the hairs. For better results, don’t moisturize on the actual waxing day.

Keep Your Body Clean at All Times

Waxed areas are prone to infection since the skin is slightly damaged after each procedure. You will be more vulnerable to bacterial or yeast growth especially on warm and damp areas of the body like armpits and the bikini area. Keep these sections clean and wash them more often with mild soapy water.

Other than just preparing yourself, you should focus on choosing the best waxing parlor in town to increase the chances of getting the flawlessly smooth skin you love without any injuries.

Avoid doing your own waxing when faced with large projects or if you have really sensitive skin. If you’re confident, you may wax your own armpits every now and then. But you should leave sensitive places like the bikini area or big projects like full body waxing to real professional as an extra safety measure.

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