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4 Sneaky Ways to Find Out What Her Ring Size Is

You finally decided to propose to your special someone, but you have one problem: you do not know her ring size. Engagements are fun and sweet, but if you fail to get the right ring, then the surprise might not be that great.

Here, we will discuss how you can find out what her exact ring size is so that you can buy the right ring band, lab diamonds, and the perfect ring for her.

Sneak a Ring Out

If she has rings she often wears, then go ahead and be sneaky. You should be careful not to get caught, though, as this can ultimately ruin the surprise. Try to get it when she is not around, and make sure to get one that she usually does not wear that often.

Do not get one that she loves wearing, as this might seem obvious and she might eventually look for it. Bring the ring to the jeweller right away so you can put it back to its original place as soon as possible.

Talk to Her Friends or Relatives

Engage in a conversation with one of her closest friends or relatives. Your partner might have talked to them about it before or even mentioned it in passing. If they have no idea, then you can ask a favor from them and see if you can get them to talk to your partner about their ring size.

Ask them to be subtle about it so your partner would not suspect anything. Having someone else ask them about it is less obvious than doing it yourself.

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Sneak a Photo

This might not be the best solution to your dilemma, but it might help. If you can sneak a photo of her hand, then do it. You can ask her to lay her hand out next to yours and take a photo of both your hands so it would not be too obvious.

Make sure to take a closer picture, though, as something that’s too far might not help at all. Bring the photo to the jeweller and ask them if they can gauge what your partner’s ring size is.

Compare Your Fingers

You definitely can do this sneakily — just hold her hand so you can compare your fingers with hers. If your fingers are about the same size as hers, or if it is much bigger, then go ahead and take a mental note of that. Keep a mental note of this and make sure to remember it well so you can describe it to the jeweller once you visit their store once again.

Don’t be too obvious when doing this and don’t stare at her hands, as she might get a hint. Just be sweet and all so she would not suspect anything.

You can always ask her directly, but of course, she will suspect something if you do it this way. Be sly and patient instead so you would be able to surprise her completely. Good luck on getting that “yes” from her!

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