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How to Take Care of Your Jewelry While Traveling

Traveling with jewelry comes with many risks. So whether you are taking an inexpensive necklace or a diamond engagement ring with you, you should know how to take care of them while traveling.

Are you attending a wedding and want to wear your set of pearls? Or perhaps you’re traveling to another country with outfits that need accessories. Whatever your destination may be, traveling with jewelry always poses a certain level of risk. There is the risk of damaging your pieces, dirtying them, or worselosing them. To minimize these risks, here are some pointers to protect your jewelry while traveling:

1. Choose the appropriate jewelry to bring

Do you need to bring your engagement ring to the beach trip or a diamond pendant to the humanitarian mission? Before packing for your trip, decide what pieces of jewelry you want to bring with you. Think of the activities you will be doing during the journey and the appropriate ones to go with your outfits. For example, if you are going on a business trip, pack pieces that are not too flashy. This way, you’re limiting the number of valuables in your luggage as well as making sure you’re appropriately accessorized.

2. Make sure your ring fits perfectly

A common reason why engagement rings get lost is that they’re not correctly sized in the first place. If your ring feels too loose or too tight, take it to a reliable jeweler before your trip and have it resized.

3. Know when to take off your jewelry

Take off your jewelry before swimming in the sea or the pool. The chlorine and salt in the water can cause damage and discoloration to your pieces. On the other hand, sand can wear off metals and squeeze into the nooks and crannies of your jewelry. Water can also make your skin slick, which can cause the jewelry to slip off without you even knowing it.

4. Pack your jewelry properly

To keep your jewelry safe and organized in your luggage, put them in travel-safe containers. For expensive pieces, use a jewelry box lined with fabric to avoid damage due to jostling. For your regular jewelry, use one or two of these packing hacks to store them properly.

Make sure to pack your expensive jewelry in your carry-on instead of the checked-in luggage. It’s a good idea to keep these pieces on you until you get to the hotel. Also, if you’re bringing pieces that are of considerable worth, you must notify the Customs of the place you’re going.

5. Store jewelry in a safe

When you get to the hotel, store your jewelry in the safe. Don’t leave your pieces laying around the room or in your luggage. If you’re not comfortable with keeping your jewelry in your hotel room, you can ask the front desk if you can store your pieces in their safe.

6. Get insurance

Before leaving for your trip, it is recommended that you get your jewelry appraised and insured. In case something happens to these items, taking this precautionary step can save you a fortune.

If you don’t have to bring jewelry with you, keep them at home since they are safer there or in a security box. But if you have to accessorize during your trip, these ideas can help you keep your precious pieces secure.

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