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Some of the World’s Most Recognizable Trees and Their Foliage

Plants can be seen as the great providers of society. They may be stationary, but we can get a lot of benefits from them. When it comes to nutrition, a lot of greens can go a long way. Many vegetables of this type are known to help with digestion. Lettuce, the salad staple, is a great source of fiber. So if you are thinking of going on a diet, try to incorporate it into your meals. It has a great crunchy texture, provided it is fresh.

Plants are also great at cleaning the air. Their craving for carbon dioxide and their ability to breathe off oxygen to the atmosphere are a great combination for the environment. Tall trees can also make for good shelter when you are exploring the outdoors. They can also be a great source of firewood, provided that you have been given permission to cut them. Their size means that they are deeply rooted in the earth, which makes removing a tree a huge effort that might require professionals handling heavy equipment to do the job.

There are many species of plants and trees out there. It will be hard to distinguish some of them if you are not an expert botanist. But there are a few that are truly iconic, so much so that you would instantly recognize them with just a glance.

Maple Tree

Who does not recognize the flag of Canada? It is probably the most popular illustration of a maple leaf in the world. It perfectly captures its silhouette, and it features three blades and eleven pointy ends. Maple leaves look great during the fall, as they color the streets and lawns with shades of orange and brown. The tree itself is also known to produce the sap that is the foundation of making maple syrup.

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Pine Tree

Pine trees are heavily associated with the Christmas season. They are harvested and brought home to be decorated with lights and ornaments. But if you do not want that, you can opt to buy the synthetic ones, which would still look nice inside your house and is something that you could reuse for several more years. They also have quite a distinct triangular shape. If you have owned a car, you most likely know about those air fresheners that feature their shape. It is a testament to the iconic status of the pine tree among trees.

Banana Tree

If you picture a leaf only as something that could fit inside your palm, think again. You may want to check out the banana leaf. It is quite huge, so large that you can use it as a table mat. It is widely used in tropical countries as a food wrap that is quite resilient. You can use it for grilling and steaming, and it gives off a delicious smoky flavor.

Palm Tree

The palm tree is another staple of tropical countries. The fruit that you can harvest is one that can provide you with both a snack and a refreshing drink. The coconut has soft and silky meat that you can scoop out, and its juice has a flavor that is subtly sweet. The leaves, on the other hand, are immortalized in a lot of Hawaiian shirts. They are also big in size and feature many leaflets that spring out from the spines.

These are some of the most iconic trees around. A lot of people appreciate them for their extraordinary beauty. It is just great to know that they also serve other purposes. They truly are nature’s marvels.

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