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Style Inspiration: How to Pull Off Bohemian Décor

Creative. Fun. Bright. When done right, bohemian décor delivers a casual chic vibe that inspires and takes you back to your most cherished trips. But done the wrong way, this free-spirited, eclectic style could turn into an eyesore and make a once-livable space awful.

Whether you’ve chosen to do this decoration on your own or with an experienced interior designer, soak up the basic elements of this style to pull it off.

What Every Boho Chic Room Needs

A crucial aspect of bohemian décor is combinations. It’s a design that brings together a variety of cultures and philosophies from different parts of the world, making them work for your style. It’s this very diversity that also tends to ruin some boho styled apartments.

Because it hinges on eclecticism, some DIY decorators can get carried away with putting too much of something in one space. The spirit behind this interior style does indeed champion the “anything can work” philosophy, but some patterns and colors can’t work in harmony.

So start with a base of neutral palettes to add your patterns and textures against. With a base tone, you’ll retain the eclecticism of the style tastefully. This is especially crucial if you want a contemporary look that’s still a touch exotic but toned down.

Next, work in layers. Layer lighting, patterns, and colors to create an inspired room that has visual impact and none of the shock.

Choose Vintage Pieces

vintage drawer

Bohemian interior design is so attractive, not just for its vibrant effect. It’s also easily the best style to work with since you can do it on the cheap. Second-hand furniture is one of the most recognizable elements in a boho-chic space. They’re eye-catching, typically well made by artisans, and they could come with a rich history. And you could be the only home to showcase a piece from a particular era.

If you don’t have time to scour the vintage stores, try online shops that feature boho furniture. They might not be vintage, but they could still work for your budget.

Mix new boho furniture with vintage pieces. For example, your jute rug could come from Wal-Mart, and your chaise or Moroccan daybed could be bought from a flea market.

Then decorate the space with knick-knacks you’ve collected from your travels.

Tell a Story

But don’t just add a pillow or a trinket in your bedroom or living room. Try to create a story in each space. Maybe your bedroom could remind you of your honeymoon in Egypt, and the living room could be reminiscent of your holiday in South Africa.

Create a story in every space to evoke the magical wonder of a bohemian interior style. Make sure each decorative piece has a tale behind it, too. Use those pieces as conversation starters when you have guests over. And keep to the style by going with crafty or handmade pieces. It could be hand-painted ceramics, weaved baskets, or a framed quilt.

The bohemian design embraces natural elements, so make sure to have those in each room. It’s the perfect way to make your home look stylish, inviting, and relaxing.

Bohemian décor is meant to be unconventional and artistic. But it doesn’t mean your interior spaces should clash. Create harmony still in a style that evokes the free-spirited, creative, and vibrant nature of the bohemian design.

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