MIce on hole of home's wall

Keep Your Home Safe From a Mice Infestation

Mice are intelligent, resourceful and reproduce quickly – qualities crucial for their survival in the wild. Unfortunately, these tiny disgusting pests are boundary-challenged and invade your home whenever they have a chance. When that happens, mice will eat your food, chew your clothes and gnaw at your furniture.

Since they also chew on electric wires, mice destroy property worth millions of dollars each year by starting electrical fires. They carry a multitude of bacteria and diseases, and their poop build-up is known to worsen allergies and asthma.

With the help of a skilled exterminator in exterminator here in Attleboro, MA, you can keep them from ruining your home.

Eliminate entry points

Rodent control services advise homeowners that the best way to beat a mice infestation is to prevent one. That entails eliminating all entry points into your home. Surprisingly, mice are quite the contortionists and will fit in just about any space.

Do you have any pencil-sized cracks, holes, or openings in your wall? That’s enough space for a mouse to squeeze through and gain access into your home. That’s why it’s crucial to weather-strip your doors and windows, fill up cracks in the foundation and seal the spaces around the utility pipes and vents.

If that sound like too much work, remember it only takes two of these furry creatures to start a colony. With three weeks of getting into your home, a pair of mice can have their first litter, which can contain up to a dozen pups.

After feasting on your foodstuff for six weeks, each pup from the litter is ready to produce a dozen or so puppies.

Engage a professional exterminator

exterminator with his equipment and van

A female mouse produces up to 60 offsprings for her entire lifespan, which is about two years. Couple that with the pups reaching sexual maturity every six weeks and you have a disaster on your hands. Faced with such odds, trying to get rid of the mice on your own may not bear fruits.

You will have better chances of success by calling in a professional to deal with the problem. Working with an expert not only exterminates every last of the mice but also safeguards against a recurrence. Exterminators will remove the rodents from your home quickly without damaging your property.

An exterminator will also get to the root of the problem and help you mount a suitable defense against another invasion. They will help you seal all the entry points into your home and keep the pesky menace out of your life forever.

You just need to be sure that they’re licensed to operate in your state and are qualified to carry out the job.

The high reproduction rate in mice them makes them a formidable pest once they get into your house. It only takes a pair of mice moving into your house to start an infestation that will wreak havoc in your home. Within a year, the population of mice can number in the thousands if they have adequate food supplies.

Given that mice feed on just about anything, they are unlikely to run out of food and will leave a trail of destruction in their wake if you don’t intervene promptly.

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