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Things You Need and Don’t Need in a Minimalist Home

Is it possible to have a minimalist, clutter-free, yet well-stocked house? While this might seem contradictory, it really isn’t. Whether you are planning to buy something for your home or you are decluttering, what you need to remember is that you need “just enough” of all the right things.

Essentially, these things should make your life easier or save you precious time and money. If you want to simplify your life without having to give up most of your things, the following tips can help.

Ensure That Your Things Reflect Your Current Phase in Life

A house that’s well stocked will look different for each homeowner. It also changes with time. For instance, the things that the parents of a young child need will be different from what retired couples or a college student needs. This means you should review your items each time you move into a different phase in your life, such as starting a new job or relocation to another place.

You might need to let go of some pieces or scour your local furniture store in Utah or any other location to get the pieces that best fit your current needs.

Stock Up on Things to Boost Your Savings

Stocking up on certain things is usually more economical, for example, those multipurpose shopping bags and containers that you can reuse. These will help you save valuable time when doing your grocery shopping.

But there’s a big difference between buying bulk items you’re sure you’ll use regularly and buying those you know you won’t be using more often just because they’re on sale. Keep this in mind whenever you’re out and are tempted to buy things “just because”.

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Stock Up If It Makes Sense

If you love entertaining guests frequently, it could be more cost-effective to make one-time, big-time purchases such as a big set of glassware, dishes, pots, and pans. Otherwise, you might end up renting things or resorting to using non-reusable items. Although the majority of things in a typical house is not really all that essential, you can’t be too “stocked up” on the basics and emergency supplies.

Think “Just Enough” and Not “More”

Having the proper tools to perform a task is vital, whether you’re organizing or cooking. That said, make sure you have the right tools for tasks that you do regularly, like an assortment of mixing bowls and sheet pans if you’re an avid baker.

Additionally, when you’re thinking of buying something, ask yourself if it’s something that will make your life easier. If the answer is no, move on.

Creating a minimalist yet well-stocked home is all about balance. Issues with clutter begin when you bring in stuff in your home and just keep it there for the sake of having it. To keep this from happening, get in the habit of eliminating unnecessary items from your house on a regular basis. This will help you determine which things you should do without and which ones you should keep.

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