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Destinations to Make Your Nuptials Extra Special

Finding your soulmate is already a blessing in itself. But if you manage to find one who shares the same hobbies and preferences as you, then all the more reason for you to celebrate. You can hold this memorable event in a unique location, especially if you and your partner are travel enthusiasts. You can enter the new chapter of your life in a place that makes for an excellent destination for your first trip as a couple.

Beginning your first day as a married couple in the first leg of your honeymoon trip can help you build a lasting and fruitful married life. To start creating your plans, here are some beautiful destinations you might want to try.

Say Your Vows Amidst the Sea Breeze

Beach weddings are not new, but it doesn’t make them less memorable. The sea breeze caressing your face and being amidst an open area can turn the ceremony into a more sacred event. It can also make you feel even more emotional, giving way to genuine feelings.

Having your reception in a seaside setting can also be more enjoyable for your guests. They can enjoy the night surrounded by refreshing ocean scents.

Get Hitched During the Winter

Just imagining saying your vows in a winter wonderland already sounds magical. The fun of coordinating a winter wedding can include picking out the perfect winter dress and boots that will keep you warm in cuddle weather.

You have the option of choosing fur coats, which can add a touch of luxury to the event. Some places where you can hold your ceremony are in a ski resort or the ice skating rink, big enough for your guests.

Surround Yourself with Flowers

You will need an expert wedding videographer and photographer to make your photos look stunning on your big day. But your background can also help them capture amazing shots you’ll look back on during your journey.

If you’re looking for a scenic venue where you’d have to spend less on decor, the best place might be a flower farm. To make your wedding day unique, you can break tradition a little by choosing a colorful dress and ensemble for you and your guests.

Try a Mountain-top Wedding

If you and your partner are mountaineers, what better place to say yes than atop a mountain? Though it’s quite a hike, you can choose a location that’s accessible by car. To make it more enjoyable, you can go with one that has cable car services so that you can quickly shuttle in guests once you’re ready to start.

Holding your nuptials on a hill will let you enjoy the breathtaking overlooking view that you cannot have on a church or chapel. Some couples even go as far as to tie the knot on a cliff, adding more excitement to the whole affair.

Tie the Knot in a Coastal Setting

Saying ‘yes’ at sea to the love of your life holds a charm of its own, and you can turn it into reality by having your ceremony on a yacht. If you’re concerned about keeping the event private and intimate, taking your nuptials on a boat is the best option for you.

There are boats big enough to accommodate parties and even provide guests with rooms where they can rest for a bit until the ship has docked. You can even use your rented yacht to send you off on your honeymoon and avoid traffic or queuing in airports.

Say Yes in an Aquarium

Taking a stroll in an aquarium feels like entering a different world. Aquariums envelop you entirely in sea life. With the beautiful and colorful sea creatures swimming gracefully around, you can achieve an enchanting wedding you so hope to have.

If you and your fiance like exploring underwater, you can have your wedding under the sea. But most of your guests might not be divers like you are, so holding it in an aquarium is a suitable alternative.

Profess Your Love on Top of Trees

With your love for nature one of the things bringing you and your to-be spouse together, it only fits to officiate your union in that environment. Different venues can cater to your big day. But if you’re longing to make your ceremony one that people will continue to talk about for years, you can hold it in a treehouse with a hanging bridge serving as the aisle. Unlike the treehouse from your childhood, there are venues you can rent that offer to accommodate large parties, making it the perfect place for your big day.

Your wedding ceremony marks the first day of your life-long union with your significant other. It is indeed a day that calls for a grand celebration. To make the affair memorable, finding the best venue is essential.

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