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Preparing for Your Baby’s First-ever Winter Season

It’s less than two months until winter, which means you have only eight weeks at most to prepare for the changing of seasons. If you haven’t started upgrading your wardrobe and preparing your house for winter, this is your sign to begin. Here’s how you can prepare for your baby’s first winter season:

Go Crazy with Winter Shopping

If you’ve been dreaming of matching winter outfits with your baby, this is the perfect time to do it. Go crazy about shopping for your baby’s winter clothes while it’s still fall. Get booties, coats, beanies, gloves, and all the other winter essentials because no one will dare to rain on your parade this time!

Of course, you don’t have to break your bank just to buy cute baby clothes. After all, your baby will outgrow them soon enough, so maybe don’t spend too much on the coats and the booties, even if they’re the cutest things you’ve seen. But you can always mix-and-match pieces, so let your fashionista side break free.

You can also be a practical and smart shopper by doing your winter shopping in summer, preferably when there are a lot of sales going on. That’s because no one would think to buy winter coats and scarves when there are heat waves in the air, which means you can get great finds at low prices.

Invest in the Coziest Blanket

There’s nothing like spending the winter season wrapped up in your warmest blankets and watching your favorite Christmas movies. You can cuddle up to your baby on the bed or sofa as you settle in the sheets and spend the day doing nothing. And the best part is that nobody’s going to hold it against you because they’re probably doing the same thing.

But it’s not right that you’re the only one with a comfy blanket. As an early Christmas gift to your baby, you can get them a three-layer quilt that will be perfect for the winter. It wouldn’t be too thick that your baby will feel weighed down by the material, but also not too thin that the cold will seep through the fabric.

Instead, you can choose something that hits the right spot so that the quilt can be used all year round, although maybe not during summer because it might get too warm. Also, consider the size of the blanket because you’ll want something that your baby can still use even when they’re standing on their own two feet.

Make Sure Your Home Is Insulated

Like many others, you’re probably spending the majority of this winter at home, braving the strong winds and snowfall. This means that you have to make sure your home is properly insulated because otherwise, you’ll be vulnerable to the cold seeping in through the cracks and gaps in your household.

This is because no house is completely enclosed. Even if your walls, floors, windows, and doors are not broken, they still have small gaps that can allow the outside air to enter. When this happens, it can affect the internal temperature of the house and cause your HVAC system to work double-time to provide you with warmth.

If you don’t want to fight against drafts and the cold air this winter, make it a point to insulate your house before the first snowfall. This way, you can keep your home relatively and consistently warm even if the air outside falls below comfortable temperatures. Plus, it can help you reduce your energy bills.

Consider Weatherstripping

Aside from insulating your house, you can also consider weatherstripping to seal all the gaps where outside air can enter. This can include your entryways, windows, and other areas with visible cracks or gaps. By weatherstripping the household, you can make sure that the freezing temperatures outside won’t dampen the warmth within.

There are plenty of weatherstripping materials that you can choose from, but they all have different functions. For instance, you can use foam tapes to seal the gaps in your windows and doors. As for silicone materials, you can use them to seal the bottom of your doors or between the jambs.

Weatherstripping is easy enough that you can do it on your own if you know what materials to use. But if you’re not confident in your handyman skills, then you can always call a professional to do the work for you. This way, you can tend to your baby and prepare your house for the coming winter at the same time.

People of all ages are armed with the instincts for self-preservation, but it can also be developed over time. Since your baby has yet to learn how to defend themselves against the cold temperature, you will be responsible for keeping them warm. But it’s not like that’s difficult to do because when it comes to your baby’s hugs, you just can’t get enough.

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