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Proven Ideas to Stay Fit While Shooting a Movie

Individuals in the movie industry are always on the go because of their hectic schedules, and often push themselves to overexertion. In an industry where sick days are not an option, actors, filmmakers, and other staff need to be healthy and stay fit to tackle various projects, whether small-scale video production or corporate film set with ease.

To help you ensure your health during film production, here are six health tips to keep you mentally and physically fit.

Eat Smart

Most sets usually boast crafty tables that provide actors, directors, and other staff with all the food they need when filming a movie. Although it can be a great and convenient source of sustenance, it can also affect one’s health. That’s because these tables give individuals easy access to sugary snacks that hold little to no nutritional value that can jeopardize your energy and health.

Next time you choose between a chocolate bar or a piece of orange, go for the fruit. Although these sugary snacks can give a quick energy boost, it won’t last for long. Stick to healthier options like veggies, fruits, or high-protein snacks like trail mix. These foods will provide you enough energy to go through a long day of shooting with ease.

Embrace Yoga

Actors, filmmakers, and staff members of any movie production should find the time to have a great workout session. One of the best exercise regimes these busy individuals do is yoga. It allows anyone to connect their minds with their bodies, enabling them to stay mentally and physically fit at the same time. Yoga is excellent for reducing anxiety, weight loss, preventing injuries, and improving sleep.


woman relaxing on the massaging chair at homeExhaustion is a common issue on any production set. Between the numerous work to be done, fast turnaround times, and irregular hours, those in the movie industry find getting a good night’s sleep next to impossible. Unfortunately, if you want to stay fit, you also need to keep your immune system in top condition, and will-power won’t bring you far. Your body needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep for each day to recharge fully.

If you’re working 12 hours per day, ensure you go to sleep at a reasonable time, never schedule late meetings, or never do tons of prep work for the next day, and avoid sleeping pills.

Well-Rounded Workouts

If you have the time to spare despite your busy and full schedules, having a well-rounded exercise session is a great way to stay fit while on set. You can incorporate cardio and resistance training whenever you have the time to work out, allowing you to enhance your strength while looking your best.


Making a film can not only take a toll on the body but on the mind as well. That’s why most directors suggest to their peers to embrace “meditation.” In filmmaking, especially while on set, doing this can help you feel sharper, allowing you to concentrate better. It can also ensure your mental health, enabling you to cope with the hardships that come with the industry.

Stay Hydrated

Every well-run set production provides staff with a generous water supply, allowing you to stay hydrated during lengthy film productions. Drinking copious amounts of water every day helps you stay fit and energized. Although soda, juice, or coffee may seem tempting, it’s not worth the extra calories.

Even if you’re facing full or busy schedules, it’s essential to take care of yourself. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be making hit after hit with your mental and physical health intact.

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