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Shape Your Dreamworld: Your Guide to Having Sweet Dreams

Dreams — just saying the word may give you an impression of defining something that is too elusive. It is very much like holding water in your hands. For years, the nature of dreams and dreaming has baffled and puzzled many scientists, philosophers, and psychologists. No one can definitely pin down the purpose of dreaming. But, one thing is for sure — you can have a good dream, and the good news is you have some control over it. You can shape your mind to increase your chances of getting good dreams. You just have to come up with great strategies.

Good dreams are important, as they will inspire your awakened self. They give you a good mood when you wake up. Dreaming may also give you some clues and cues, some of which may even help you come up with a decision. It is sometimes considered as an exercise for your conscious and subconscious minds. If you want to dream more often and increase your odds of getting good dreams, here are some of the things you may want to keep in mind:

Do away with stimulants

You need to fall asleep faster in a more relaxed way. This makes a good a foundation for some good dreams. If you want to sleep faster, you should do away with some stimulants that maintain your body’s “awake” status. Some of these include your gadgets and light, meaning what you should do away with are smartphones and laptops right before bedtime. The blue light coming from these gadgets actually signal your body that it is supposed to stay awake — just like what sunlight does.

Watch your medications

Some medications and even food supplements have ingredients that may keep you awake or just induce shallow sleep. Some of the vitamins have caffeine components, which you should avoid. There are also some anti-depressants whose side effects include nightmares. Whatever you take, make sure that your doctor knows about it. Ask for replacements if you find it hard to sleep with these meds.

Condition yourself

There will be times when good conditioning can encourage you to dream good dreams. You just have to tell and convince yourself that you will have nice trances in your slumber. One good way of effective conditioning is through recording your dream. Write them down as soon as you wake up. Look at it and you may see a pattern. When you remember your dreams, there are chances that you will be able to dream about them again.

Make your bedroom conducive to good sleep

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Good dreams happen when you sleep well, and you can only sleep well when your room is designed to help you that way. Make sure that your room is clean, cool, and nice. You will also need to invest in a good bed, so find your fix at mattress stores in Provo.

Dreaming is a big part of your subconscious self. It is among the things that help you know yourself better. Good dreams inspire you, and they may make you feel good. The good news that you can always count on is that you have the power to shape your dreams and increase your odds of getting good ones.

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