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How Can One Take Care of Their Elderly Loved Ones?

The elderly used to be young like you. They were once in their prime and were great providers for their families. Now that they are older, some things they used to do might not be easy for them anymore. To help them ease their burden, you can choose to help them with things like chores, groceries, and medications. You also have to ensure that they are safe and protected, especially with the CoronaVirus still affecting many people.

Some things that you can do for them are easy, while others might be difficult and time-consuming. Other things that you could do for them might also test your patience, so make sure that you do it for their sake and not yours.

Here are the things you need to know about taking care of your elderly loved ones:

1. Check Their Medications

Ensure that the supply of their maintenance medicines is complete and enough for a day, a week, or a month. Always ask their doctor for updates on their medication. Also, make sure that they are taking it on time. Knowing what the medicine targets can help you explain why they need to take them in case that they have memory loss. 

2. Always Visit Them

The elderly, like your grandma or grandpa, or great-grandma or great-grandpa, would love some company. If they live a few blocks from your house or a few states from yours, make sure that you have time to visit them. Visiting them can elevate their mood, make them feel safe and secured, and still have social interaction with other people. 

3. Always check their supplies

Make sure that they have an ample supply of food, their house is clean and orderly, check if they have any issues at home that need to be fixed, do their laundry, pick their mail, and even water the plants. These small things can ease additional work from them, helping them have an easier life. 

4. Accompany Them To Doctor’s Appointment

Drive them to their doctor’s appointment, scheduled laboratory tests or check-ups, therapies, or treatment. They need emotional and physical support when going to the hospital. This action will give them the assurance that you care for them. This act will also tell them that you are concerned for their health and want to be involved with everything about their lives. 

elderly doctor's appointment

5. Make Necessary Modifications In Their Home

You have to make sure that they can move around their house with ease. You can build a ramp in their home, especially for those who use walkers and wheelchairs. You can also check their house for repairs, add handrails for their shower, ensure all cables and wires are safely placed away from a possible trip or fall, and all the other maintenance, fixes, and additional details that their house needs for their safety and security. 

6. Encourage Them To Exercise Daily

Exercise increases the function of the immune system. Boosting their immune system will make them less vulnerable to other infections, bacteria, and viruses. This will also aid them in strengthening their muscles, joints, and other body parts. Making them move through physical activities can help lower signs of depression or stress. You also help them improve their physical, mental, social, and emotional health. 

7. Make Sure They Eat Healthy Food

Their meals should be healthy and follow any directions from their doctors. It would be best to make sure that the food they consume is easy to chew and not so tough. Their meals should always be tested before serving it to them — you have to taste if it is too salty or too sweet. 

8. Drive For Them

Make sure that you know their schedule so you can drive for them around town, to doctor’s appointments, scheduled therapy, or treatment days. They are old, and their eyesight might be slowly failing. It will also be easier if somebody else will drive for them because they might have shaky hands because of their age. 

9. Talk About Their Finances

You have to know where they would get their monthly finances and payments for their bills. Do they have enough money to live by every day, or do they need help financially? Make sure that they are able to get their social security disability claims approved because it can help them. You need to make sure that they are getting their retirement insurances and benefits.

10. Keep An Eye On Them

If you have work, you can hire someone to stay with them and watch them for you. If not, you can spend your time making sure that everything they need is within their reach. Make sure that the life they are spending at home is filled with love and protection, their stay is safer and secured, and they are taken care of very well. 

There are many things that you could do to make sure that you can take care of your elders. You can also help them invest now, while they have not yet reached the maturity age in some insurance companies. You can give them a wonderful retirement, especially if you know how to care for them properly.

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