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How and Where to Sell Your Pre-Loved Luxury Clothes

Do you want to declutter and get rid of the luxury clothes you don’t wear anymore? Have you outgrown some expensive pants and tops piling up inside your closet? Well, selling them is the most practical option to help you repurpose these items.   Aside from getting profit, selling your expensive clothes also helps the environment. Given that fashion is one of the most polluting industries globally, you really need to do your part.

By selling your previously loved clothes, you’re not just profiting from them. You’re also promoting environmentally-conscious shopping behavior and sustainability.   So you’re ready to let them go. But how are you going to market your pre-loved luxury clothes? Where should you sell them? Check out some ways to earn some money from these clothes.

Offer them to your friends

Your friends are mostly the first ones to compliment your outfits. There are times that you take them shopping, and they recommend clothes to you. If you have similar tastes in fashion, you can actually try to offer them the clothes you don’t wear anymore. Your friends are the most accessible market for selling pre-loved items, including clothes.

They already have an idea of how you take care of your clothes. You can even give them discounts, and it will be easy for them to trust you as a seller. Try reaching out to your friends first. See if they’re interested in buying the clothes you’ve taken care of very well.

Take them to consignment shops

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In case you don’t know, consignment shops are stores that can sell your pre-loved clothes. Handing them your clothes doesn’t make them technically own your items. Here’s how it works. You can bring in your luxury clothes, and they’re going to see how much their shop can sell them. The price will be based on the quality of the clothes you’re giving them. Just make sure that the clothes are in season or else they won’t accept them.

After knowing the value, they’re going to try to sell your clothes for a limited amount of time that you agreed upon. Part of the profit will go to the shop. If no one bought your clothes, they can either sell them for a lower price, or they’ll return them to you. If you choose to get them back, you can sell them in some other consignment shops as long as they are in season.

Try your luck on social media

One of the easiest places to sell your pre-loved expensive clothes is through social media. A lot of rising and aspiring influencers would want to try wearing posh luxury outfits. Not to mention how many users you can reach through social media. With almost 300 million social media users in the US, you can definitely close a sale if you know how to properly execute your marketing. What you can do is wear the clothes you’re selling or have a model wear them. Do a little shoot showcasing your pre-loved clothes.

You can have these pictures enhanced with the help of fashion photo-editing services. Let them take care of your shots to make them ready for social media appeal. Finally, you can now post the pictures on any social media platform. Instagram could be the best venue for this venture.

Fashion-savvy youth and luxury clothing fans flock to this app. There’s a better chance of getting a sale for your pre-loved luxury clothes here. You can also take advantage of the free tools these social media apps offer. Check engagements, any comments showing interest in your items, and many more.

eBay and Craigslist are still there

Lastly, eBay and Craigslist are still going strong. There are a lot of people trying to look for good finds on these online platforms. That includes people trying to find luxury branded items that they could buy for a lower price. As long as your items are still in their good form, you’ll be able to sell them on eBay or Craigslist.

Since you are selling luxury clothes, you can even make people bid for your items. If someone really loves your clothes very much and wants to have them, they can buy them at a high price. This method of selling may look outdated, but you can definitely score great sales through these platforms.

If you’ve already decided to sell your luxury articles of clothing, make sure that they’re in mint condition. Make them presentable by putting them in fancy boxes. Do these so the next people who will own your clothes would take care of them really well too. This way, you can help reduce textile waste by repurposing clothes that you don’t wear anymore.

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