How to Enjoy a Truly Relaxing Vacation without the Crowds

For people who love to travel, going on vacation is probably the best part of their whole year. After months of working and saving, you finally get to go on a trip with your loved ones and forget about the real world for a while. But unfortunately, every trip is not made out to be perfect.

Traveling can be stressful, especially if every other couple or family seems to have the same idea. That said, we’ve come up with a few tips on how you can enjoy a truly relaxing vacation away from the travel crowd.

1. Travel during the off-season

Travel when school is in session or during off-peak seasons to avoid the crowds. Going on vacation during this time helps you save money on airfare and have more choices on accommodation.

Some families will also have the same idea, but there is a better chance of encountering fewer families if you travel off-peak. Tickets and accommodation will not only be cheaper, but you are also likely to get into a flight with little to no children, allowing you to spend some quiet time during transit.

2. Look for unique travel choices

It’s also a great idea to look for off-beat travel choices that are not that popular among families (which make up a majority of the crowds while traveling), such as package tours for Mormon vacations, safari exploration, and mountain trekking.

 3. Pack noise-canceling headphones

Cabin pressure hurts everyone’s ears. There is also the dreadful fact that flights can be super boring. To enjoy the silence when you’re on a flight, always pack a pair of noise-canceling headphones. This is especially important if you tend to get overwhelmed by excessive noise — not just from small children but also from the rumbling of the engines or the snoring adult behind you, too.

4. Book for an adults-only hotel or resort

If you want to enjoy your vacation in the presence of other adults and avoid crowded hotels, look for a resort or hotel at your destination that is exclusively for adults. The list for child-free accommodations is steadily growing, and you will likely find one at most destinations. If you don’t, splurge on a hotel that is a little more expensive but is sure to have thick walls so that you don’t hear any neighbors or their kids.

5. Avoid family-friendly places


The majority of tourist spots, restaurants, and entertainment options you will encounter will likely be family friendly, and there’s no going around it if you really want to go to these places. But if you want to avoid the hordes of families and travelers, you may not want to visit amusement parks, historic monuments, kid-friendly beaches, family restaurants, and basically any other place that specifically caters to families with children.

6. Camp in the wilderness

If you’re going camping, it makes more sense to camp in the wilderness instead of campsites because that’s where the families or the majority of the crowd will be. Although you probably won’t need to hike a day into the woods, getting a spot outside of other families’ earshot should be good enough for you to enjoy a peaceful and quiet camping experience.

7. Switch rooms

If the people next door to your hotel room are being too loud, don’t hesitate to ask management for a room switch. Contact the front desk directly and explain the situation. They will likely be willing to switch you to a new room immediately to avoid complaints.

8. Consider a child-free cruise

Most cruises are marketed and tailored for families with kids, so you may not be enjoying a child-free vacation on a regular cruise because they will be crowded. That said, look up child-free or adults-only cruises instead of the regular ones. They may cost a little more since they can’t cater to families, but it’ll be a small price to pay for a peaceful and quiet vacation on a ship with few other travelers onboard.

9. Look for quiet spots in family-friendly places

You may not be able to fill your itinerary exclusively with adults-only places (a.k.a. the typically non-crowded spots), so it’s best to give that idea up now. Instead, look for spots in family-friendly places that are for adults only, such as a lounge in Disney World or a child-free spa area on a cruise for when you want to escape the crowds.

Avoiding the travel crowd altogether is impossible while traveling. But with these tips, you can keep your vacation as crowd-free as possible and keep the noise, exhaustion, and hassle to a minimum.

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