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Wedding Preparations 101: Looking the Perfect Proposal Place

You are probably thinking about proposing to your long-time girlfriend or boyfriend. For those who are adventurous, they might only want to get engaged with someone whom they only recently saw but bonded with immediately. Although many people around you are skeptical of your decision to propose, you are ultimately decided to proceed with your plan. Now the only thing which is the most crucial matter you are looking for is the perfect place for your proposal. Of course, you would want it to be unique and unforgettable. Fret no more, here are some of the best places to propose:

The Best Places to Propose

Washington is a great place that teems with picturesque and romantic places, which are all appropriate for any couple where they can be engaged. Whatever location you choose, the essential matter is for her or him to say yes.

The Famous Places

In Washington, there are many famous and scenic places great for your wedding proposal. These places do not only provide a romantic vibe but will also be great for both of you because of activities for couples available in these areas.

Some of the famous places are the following:

  • Roche Harbor Resort
  • The Woodmark
  • Bishop Victorian Hotel
  • Green Cat Bed and Breakfast
  • Spokane Falls Skyride
  • San Juans Islands
  • Cave B Inn and Winery
  • Manito Park Rose Hill Garden
  • Salish Lodge and Spa
  • Olympic National Park (Kalaloch Lodge)

All the places can be perfect for the couple who are looking for a place to relax, have fun, and appreciate nature. All of which are great for that wedding proposal

Other Considerations in Finding the Perfect Wedding Proposal Place

couple on a date at the amusement park

If you are not convinced by the famous places above, you can also take other essential considerations in finding the perfect place to ask her or his hand for marriage. The following should be significantly considered:

  • Your Hobbies and Character – you must consider the things that both of you want. You can propose at someplace that exemplifies your love for a particular hobby. If you are both hikers, you can ask for her hand at a mountaintop.
  • Your First Memories Together – this place can be the place where you first set eyes on each other or a place where you both have decided that you are both fated to have each other.
  • A Truly Sentimental Place – this place could be her or his favorite hangout place. Any site that made a significant impact on your lives.
  • An Intimate Place – any place where there are no other people but you and your partner. A place of privacy and romance.

Another Important Thing

Of course, before you ask someone to marry you, you should be ready. You should have everything prepared from the travel itinerary, tickets, accommodations, tours, and down to the engagement rings. Washington, just like any other state, has many jewelers and wedding shops that could help you decide on what is the best engagement ring to purchase. A simple engagement ring is enough, unlike Melania Trump’s 3-million dollar diamond engagement ring, which all of us might not be that rich to afford.

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