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Western Fashion: Incorporate the Wild West into Your Everyday Outfit

When you think of Western clothing, you might think of cowboys or Texas. You might also think of it as clothing that you wear on Halloween or in themed parties for children or adults. You will be surprised because times have changed. Since 2018, high fashion has been showing off its take on Western clothing. With this trend, you can now integrate the Western style into your everyday clothing, from a simple shirt to classic cowboy boots.

Western Pop-ups Through Time

The merging of Western clothing and high fashion might be the last thought you had in mind, but Western clothing trended at different points in time. The mid-1950s saw the rockabilly style take off from the influence of Hollywood cowboys. Films in the ‘60s and ‘70s popularized the suede fringe jackets that were adapted from frontiersmen buckskin jackets. The celebrities in the 1990s and early 2000s found their looks in colorful western hats and bedazzled Americana.

The Western Style Today

As you can see, Western clothing has more fashion value than your average western costume for Halloween. In 2018, various fashion designers started to incorporate the Western style again. A Belgian designer, for example, headed a Calvin Klein collection based on Americana that saw the selling out of a $1400 Western boot. The designer held another show months later where Western shirts and alternative versions of the $1400 boot sold out as well.

Other brands that went the Western way include Givenchy, Coach, Opening Ceremony with Priamo, and Creatures of Comfort. You can look at the big names in fashion and find Western elements. This new trend can be the catalyst behind your immersion into Western attire as well.

Change Your Top

Far from looking like a cowboy, you can incorporate Western clothing into your day-to-day wear little by little. You can start by choosing a shirt with a washed in color while staying away from fringe elements. Alternately, you can pick a denim or flannel shirt in a longer cut so that you can tuck it in.

Add Some Jeans

Once you have your shirt choice down to pat, you can choose your bottoms next. Light-wash denim will go well with your shirt. On the other hand, slim fitting jeans in black can look great if you have a Western shirt that has embroidery.

Match with Boots

Now that you have a shirt and a pair of jeans, you can turn to your men’s cowboy boots for sale. Go for boots that almost look like the Chelsea boot, but in brown or snakeskin to lean closer to the Western style. You will want to show off these boots when you pair them with your jeans, the perfect combination.

Cap It Off with a Jacket

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Finally, you can complete your outfit with a western jacket. A snakeskin or a desert suede jacket are excellent choices that easily evoke the Western style. Otherwise, you can go with denim or corduroy trucker jacket in dark colors and thick fabric.

With the outfit choices above, you can break free from the Halloween western costume and become a fashion aficionado in your everyday life.

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