Make It Sweet: Desserts to Pair with Red Wine

For many people, red wines are usually paired up with savory fares. The first meals that come to mind are meat-based, such as steaks. Some people pair their wine with delicious pasta such as spaghetti. Others go out of the ordinary with risotto. However, red wine is not one-dimensional. This drink has qualities that make it flexible so that you can pair it with a wide range of food items—including desserts.

For the uninitiated, desserts for red wine might sound absurd and even blasphemous. But it should not go that way. Red wine has always been used as a drink for desserts; a lot of people incorporate it into their sweet recipes. If you are trying to mix and match at this point, here are some of the most popular desserts that might go well with your red wine. Bring out your wine gift boxes from the UK and have some fun!

Dessert #1: Dark Chocolate

Dark or milk chocolate is often paired with chocolate wine. But the sameness of the tastes of the wine and the dessert item can provide you with a linear, flat experience. If you prefer some texture, you can always go for chocolate and red wine. Once you have indulged in premium chocolate bars, you can wash your palate with refreshing and fruity red wine. Dark chocolate is somehow a mysterious piece of dessert, and it only deserves an equally mysterious drink such as red wine.

Dessert #2: Brownies or Chocolate Cakes


Since the topic is all about chocolate, you can take it a step further with chocolate cakes. Imagine enjoying the delectable and moist chocolate cake, which is then complemented by red wine; the experience will be heavenly. If you are not a big fan of chocolate cakes and you prefer lighter fare, why not consider brownies or chocolate chip cookies? Still not a fan of chocolate-based desserts? Go for the likes of red velvet cakes—they might not have that many chocolates, but they simulate the delectableness of chocolate cakes.

Dessert #3: Macarons

On the lighter side, you might want to go French at this point. Among the most popular and iconic French desserts would be macarons (not the coconut-based macaroons!). These light desserts can be nutty or fruity depending on the variant that you buy. But if you are looking for a perfect complement for red wine, go for more uncomplicated flavors, such as almond and strawberry.

Dessert #4: Tiramisu

If you want to go Italian this time, tiramisu might be the first thing that will come to mind. Mostly, this coffee-based dessert is paired with tea and even coffee. But if you want to chill out after a long week, some glasses of red wine will not hurt.

In the end, dessert with wine can be one of the best things out there. If you have not tried it yet, now is the time to do so. Or you can wait for your Friday me-time—when it will be just you, your wine, and your sweet things!

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