Surprising Benefits of Having a Pet: Why You Should Be a Pet Owner

Researchers spend years studying everything linked to human-animal interactions. We’ve also seen thousands of organizations promoting how we should value and take care of animals. And today, it’s quite obvious how the world has cultivated a pet-loving culture. Animals that can survive at the comfort of our homes are not just useful living tools, they are comforting companions making our lives brighter and better.

While there are still individuals that view pets as nothing but a tedious responsibility, others believe that they are beyond that. If you love and take care of them the right way, you can have the privilege to experience all these fantastic health benefits.

Create a better and safer home

Most pets have a sweet and loving nature that can transform your dull living space into a better, happier place. They can help your kids develop feelings of security at a very young age, and gives your family another loving member. Contrary to what others believe, having a dog in the house doesn’t mean your place will be messy or out of control. There are dog training services out there that help you teach your furry friend to be more obedient and polite.

In fact, trained dogs can help make your home a safer place. They can alert you during security breaches like burglars entering your house or even during a fire. There are already thousands of reports proving that owning such amazing pets can actually save lives. However, please be cautious about training your pet much further, especially if you want to teach them to attack intruders personally. The last thing you want to happen is for them to attack a guest that can put you at risk of a lawsuit.

Lower your stress levels

Some people aren’t interested in owning a pet, thinking that it’s most likely just adds stress to their lives. You need to feed them, pet them, and walk them. But in turn, you also get to play with them. Having a pet to come home to can help get rid of all the stresses and tiredness you got from a long and busy day at work.

Studies found that interacting or petting a furry friend can lower your stress levels and increase levels of your calming hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin, beta-endorphin, and prolactin. In other words, having a pet can lead to a happier life.

Improve your mood


Speaking of a happier life, playing with your furry friend can spark joy. Even a simple walk can help raise your mood and release serotonin and dopamine in your brain. This psychological impact is normal when we engage in activities with others like our pets. We tend to feel good because of the release of oxytocin, which is another chemical messenger in our brain that’s also often referred to as the love hormone.

Owning pets, particularly dogs, are considered to provide unconditional love that is essential for our mental wellness. After all, having a furry friend that rolls around, asks from belly rubs, and plays around can surely bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Make you more responsible

Pets, particularly dogs, require great care, from feeding, grooming, walking, playing, to training them. Looking at the positive side, this extra work is actually great for teaching kids how to be responsible. Many parents reveal that this is also an effective technique to teach kids self-motivation and discipline.

For adults, taking on the responsibility to train or walk their dogs offer the same benefits. You get to be more disciplined and responsible with your everyday life. You need to create a better daily routine and even become more intentional with your finances. Let’s be honest, owning a pet can also get pretty expensive too.

Give genuine social support

One of the best-known benefits of having a pet is the social support they can give you. Some owners claim that they often feel they have similar personalities and share the same emotions with their pets. For instance, the active nature that dogs have is ideal for great social support.

You also get the bonus of meeting new friends. For example, you can spark conversations with other pet owners in your neighborhood, or even coworkers. Being a pet owner can help you to easily foster new friendships.

The growing fascination with pets is not just because they’re cute or useful. Keeping a pet is part of our nature that fortunately, also gives us the opportunity to experience these health benefits. Pets are definitely great for us, but not always in the ways we think. Treasure them and you’ll receive something deeper in meaning in return.

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