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Equine Care: Having the Right Tools for Proper Horse Care

Taking care of a horse is very different as having a pet dog or cat at home. For one, they have separate needs so they will grow into majestic, strong, and dependable animals that they are. Horses are more than simple farm animals — they are part of the family.

When you own a horse, it is important to have the right equipment so you can take care of the animal properly. For horse tools and equipment, you can find quality horse tack in Utah. Here are some things you need to know about proper horse care.

Likewise, you should choose the right equipment for your beloved horse.

What is horse tack?

A horse tack refers to the equipment used in riding a horse. These include the bridles, cinches, saddle, and girth. Horse tack also includes other tools used in caring and handling them. It includes items such as whips, lead ropes, halters, and long reins.

In other words, all tools and equipment specific for horse use are considered horse tack. Horse tacks are usually made from traditional leather, but some are made from synthetic materials.

You can buy this horse equipment in a tack shop. Putting on the needed equipment, such as a saddle in preparation for a ride is called “tacking up.”

Basic items you need for your horse

Horse tacks are basic yet important tools you should have when you own a horse. Aside from horse tack, you also need other tools for horse care.

For feeding:

  • Water trough or large buckets (you can repurpose old ones if you have)
  • Feeding tub
  • Heated buckets or water heater (for areas with cold temperatures)
  • Several weeks’ worth of hay and grain supply
  • Freshwater
  • Comfortable bedding (for stabled horses)

For horse grooming:

  • Brush for the horse’s body
  • Comb for the horse mane
  • Halters
  • Lead Ropes
  • Hoof pick
  • Washcloth

For area cleaning and maintenance:

  • Insect spray
  • Separate fork to dispose of horse manure
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Pitchfork
  • Broom

If you are going for a horseback ride:

  • Helmet
  • Boots with an inch-tall heel
  • Saddle pad
  • Saddle with cinch or girth

If you are using a horse for driving a cart or any similar vehicle:

  • Driving Whip
  • Helmet
  • Harness and bridle
  • Essential horse care tips

Horses need the utmost amount of care. They will serve their masters in the best of their strength and ability if they’re well-taken care of. Below are the important tips you need for proper horse care.

Health, grooming, and nutrition

A horse should be fed high-quality hay and grass. Likewise, serve your horse lots of clean and fresh water and ensure it’s available all the time. Also, it is important to trim their hooves and have their teeth checked.

Housing and exercise

Places for the horses. Horse farm

Let your horses out and mingle with other horses every day. Isolating them in its assigned cubicle or stall can cause stress and behavioral issues. Make sure that the horse gets some exercise every day.

Like domesticated animals, horses also need their regular dose of deworming and vaccination. Consult a veterinarian specializing in horse care to know the necessary vaccines for your horse.

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